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Ruggle-It Testimonials

What our customers say is what really matters

We hold all original & complete written testimonials on file in our offices to support every one of the following  Verbal feedback is never included (sadly!) as that cannot be substantiated.  When you click any testimonial links, please wait a few moments for each PDF file to download.

Want help on What Pack to buy for which issue?  Click on "what to buy" in the left margin (3rd item down) & just scroll down the huge list of issues.  (Or select the "ruggle-it faq" option)

Due to Veterinary regulation we cannot quote complete testimonials if clients have used words which would conflict with our VMD Compliancy. However, we hope these abbreviated versions give you an idea.
  Blacked out  words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD criteria.
● Want to know why?  Click the link 'vet med - what is it' in the left hand side margin.  

       "Have just washed my hens and donkeys with your shampoo - they all look fantastic. Since I washed the hens last year, they have remained mite free, and I sprayed the henhouse with the shampoo and oil mixture. [“DIL”]  - it's also mite free.  The sheep have also been free from fly strike although they were a bit fed up with me spraying them - luckily there are only three and they are very tame!"  Click here - story    07.21
Mrs R, Northumberland.  Hens, Henhouse, Donkeys, Sheep - mites, red mite, flystrike, insects

  "Brilliant shampoo for our 2 deerhounds.  A 250ml bottle lasted over 2 years so going for broke this time and ordering 500ml"
Mr & Mrs K from Surrey (Ruggle-it users since 2011)   2 x Deerhounds - prevention of mites, fleas, critters; general skin health  02.21

    Oct' 2020 Social Media sensation Jane Dotchin (almost 80 years old, blind in one eye, with disabled dog & just a faithful Pack Pony) - UK explorer's drawings & comments (including whilst using Ruggle-it). 
"Stop-it-all really does stop it all.  I use it now to stop it all before it starts!"
[Miss D always refers to Ruggle-it by its old name as she's been using it since 2009!]  Click here for 3 x hand-written trip stories/cartoons (2016-2020) + viral-video link + Sunday Times article link  
Jane Dotchin, Northumberland;  Pack pony, Terrier, Human - flies, ticks, mites+ 

   "Rescued at 5 months old, all her family died at the puppy-farm (from an often deadly illness), itching like mad, advised to use inappropriate high profile foods.  Thank you for all your good advice [skin, immune, diet] & products - 100% delighted Have told so many about you as I'm always being stopped & asked what I'm using!  Now use Candy's Ruggle-it for my scalp issues too." Click here - story + photos   Mrs E.T, Essex  Terrier X Shih tzu + Human 

  "My Friesian went from severe summer itching & mites (feathers, behind knee, between jaw bones) driving him mad (he couldn't concentrate when being hacked) to a lovely itch-free life now, no rug, beautiful skin & a very long mane.  He's a happy & rounded soul now thanks to Ruggle-it, probiotics & Mother Nature."
Click here for his journey & 'at today' photo
Sadie Main, Highbridge 
Friesian - severe itching, extreme stress, summer bugs, mites

  "Couldn't live without your Ruggle-it oil & shampoo for the donkeys in Ireland - it makes such a difference - thank you from all of us.  Parcel arrived so quickly - fantastic service.  Does the job every time...wouldn't use anything else"    Click here for 05/20 update   [includes photos]   
Mrs Learner, Southern Ireland;  Donkey Winter mites & hair loss, summer itching, hot skin, bug bites

   "No sand flies, flies or insects when sitting on the beach sand [Wales] on either the dogs or on my hands & arms...even after a dip in the sea!  Helps with midges in water too.  Used originally [in 2010] to stop dog itching & have since just used for general shampooing & the insects!"  Click here for handwritten comments
L Sawbridge, Milton Keynes  3 x Terriers, Human - sand flies, midges, itchy dog skin, beach flies, mites + 

  "Thank you so very much for all the phone time with me in 2017 about my constantly itching Westie puppy [and gut issues].  2 years on (Sept' 2019) and only now needing another 250ml bottle of Ruggle-it Shampoo, with just the diluted spray to 'protect him' [against fleas, mites, mystery itching], he's happy with almost instant soothing if he starts to scratch.  
And the Bio-kult
['live/multi strain bacteria/probiotics] + diet suggestions have been fantastic for his tummy upsets. Click here for full story  
Christine Keeling, Essex;  Westie Puppy with severe itching, digestive issues, coprophagia [eating cat poo], health issues 

"My old mare can't defeat the mudfever [mud/winter issues]  type symptoms on her hind fetlock.  She's also been diagnosed with Cushings & we're battling Laminitis. [serious health issue which can threaten the health of the hooves/feet].  After your Ruggle-it & Protexin, darling Dylis looks a picture, is jumping again & all infections (issues on the leg) cleared.  Thank you:)"
Jancey Wembridge, Somerset;   Show Jumper - recurring mud issues;  other health/immune issues

  "Tried 'harsh stuff' for itching & mites.  Then tried Ruggle-it (natural, harmless & no side-effects to animals) with great results!  Best ever dogs & cats' coat condition too.  Cat quickly responded [Harvest Mites] & feeling much better.  Thanks for your help & advice & very efficient service. Click here  (for 2 x hand-written letters)
Mrs S Thompson, Redruth, Cornwall;   dogs, cats - harvest mite, persistent itching, mites, coat

  " Rescue goat - 18 months of increasing hair loss [almost totally bald sides], very dry skin, scaly, red & now sore [badly irritated] skin spread over both sides of Eileen's body.  Tried lots - nothing works. Vet perplexed.  Thank you so much - Eileen is hairy again & settled now - much love from all at Rainbow Sanctuary   Click here for full story and before + after photos.  [It's worth any delay in the file download...]  Used Starter Pack 1-H - Ruggle-it + Probiotics
Sheila B & Caroline, Rainbow Animal Sanctuary, Shaftesbury, Dorset   Rescue Goat with severe skin issues, mystery hair loss, mite

  "1.  Two "Mangie" Cats are all better with Ruggle-it (the Vet's stuff cost a fortune with hardly any difference) - see the photos when they're all greased up - it got rid of a tick too! 
I often use it for Alpaca mites - it soothes, keeps flies/midges away & promotes hair growth.
3.  Also used on my horse as he has sweet itch  {summer itching]"
Click here for full story
Mrs Karen Oglesby, Meon Valley Alpacas, Hants
Cats with bad mite infestation & skin damage;  alpaca mites & hair loss;  horse summer itching

" #1.  Very effective & quickly sorted my daughter's young Cob with recurring mites & stamping by following your Itching Planner scrupulously. 
  My new Cob had Mallenders
[crusty areas behind the knees] and was stamping so followed your 3 week Planner routine as you suggested [Mud + Itching Planners to deal with both the knees & mite issues on the rest of the body].  At the end of your 3 weeks there is no evidence of scabs [crusty areas] I wanted to use natural products not dectomax injections) [harsh 'inserted' applications]."    Click here for the full story + photos 
Sam, Wilts   1 x Cob persistent mites, stamping + 1 x new Cob with scabs mallenders
[crusty areas behind the knees] & mites

  5 years of Demodex mite [on dog], immune issues, upset tummy, recurring attack by fox mites, extreme itching & all-over hair loss . 
Inside 15 days of your Ruggle-it shampoo, probiotics & salmon oil, the change in our Westie dog has been immense.
"   Click here for the full story - the before & after photos are dramatic!
Toni, Berkshire;  Westie dog with Demodex mite, fox mite damage, upset tummy, immune system challenges, very severe itching & almost 100% hair-loss

  "Have made lots of recommendations - so pleased with your products. 
cured [sorted] my dog of millennium mites [mystery/severe/prolonged itching],
my horse who was so itchy she dented every side of the new barn,
100% deterring flies on my horse &
#4. for my scalp.  Excellent products...& you even called me back spending1 hour to explain things."   (Used Ruggle-it + 'pure probiotics' + genuinely Omega 3-rich oils (not OM6)  Click here for dog, horse & human stories + photos  
Mrs Douglas, Alford, Lincs;  1 x dog severe/prolonged itching, 1 x horse destructive summer itching, 1 x human scalp, dogs (x4) skin, joint, general well, bolstering 'pure' Omega 3 (not 6) 

    A.  "My hunter Tippy came to me with painful & persistent mud issues - I'd tried other products but couldn't clear the deep cracks in the creases of the fetlocks.  Also, he had lumps on either side of the saddle area.  But we've just done 23 days hunting this season [winter 2013-14 is the wettest on British records] and we've avoided the mud issues with Ruggle-it!  No lumps under his saddle either.  They thrive on the probiotics too."   
B. - Update Feb' 2015.  "Still no mud, mite issues.  I follow the preventative procedure religiously.  My two hunters have hardly missed a's me that's exhausted!"      Click here for original story/struggle [includes multiple before & after photos]   +  UPDATE 02.15 [new photos] [It's worth any delay in the file download...]
Jane J, Conwy;   persistent mud & crusting issues, (mite damage), mystery bumps (saddle)

 "#1.  "The Horse Flies were driving my summer-resting National Hunt Racehorses demented - swishing tails non stop & tossing heads.  Applied Ruggle-it for 3 x applications & now we only top up just once a week - calm reigns & it keeps all insects at bay!  Hurray! 
#2. Also, I had a very annoying sore spot on my scalp for ages.  Since your Shampoo it's GONE.  I keep feeling for that spot 'cos I can't believe it's not there!" 
[For the horses, R&SL advised to
sponge on the DIL mix for max' deterring as Horse Flies are all but impossible to keep at bay whether using chemical or natural...]   Click here for 2018 & 2019 stories - updated 09/19
Gay Hartley, Falcon's Line Ltd, West Yorkshire   Horse flies plaguing N.H. Racehorses during summer rest, 1 x human scalp/spot issues

  "On the 'expert's advice, we nearly put our elderly Labrador to sleep because of 'extreme' skin issues. Since using Ruggle-it & your diet advice [Probiotics + feeds], the improvement has been amazing. She's even got her wag back!" Click here for the hand-written letter & before/after photos [it's worth the wait to download!]
Mrs S. Armstrong, Dorset;   13 yr old Labrador's extreme itching, skin issues

  "2 years of serious itching, tail mutilation, paw chewing, hair loss & expensive vet [professional] bills to Bubbles now being itch-free & with a full tail, (used Ruggle-it + your Omega 3-rich oils & biscuits) plus my 4 other dogs all glossy & mite/flea protected too.  Never felt their coats so beautiful & easy to groom.  I'm delighted & will tell everyone of your advice & products."  Click here for the 'path to recovery' 7 x e-mails + before & after photos
Mrs Maureen S, Bodmin, Cornwall;  Papillon dog with severe itching, self-mutilation & hair-loss; 4 x other dogs for anti-flea/mite protection.  Also pure-OM3 for dog skin/joint/health 

  "Brilliant results.  1.  My children noticed my hair actually looked different!  Also I don't need to wash it so much.  2.  Used Ruggle-it salve on my cat with chronic fleas - he allowed me to put it on & didn't lick it off.  Your products work - I highly recommend them to anyone with animal or human skin issues!   Click here for more...
Ailsa Macduff, Sunbury-on-Thames;   house fleas, dog & cat & human issues

"Recurring terrible mite damage, open areas, 'grease' + smell - bills increasing, no improvements & a frightened horse.  Then your products (Ruggle-it + 'pure' probiotics) & it's amazing - I am over the moon.  The before/after photos show it all.  Easy to follow paperwork.  If you're in trouble like George was, these products work.  And he stands still now with no one holding him, he's happy + sends you a very big kiss of thanks."    Click here for the journey from hell to happiness + before & after photos   [300kb file - it's worth any delay in the file download...]
A Leatherland/P.Mason, Leics;   Horse - severe & recurring mite & lower limb damage
(legs/feet), extreme nervousness regarding legs 

 " My 16hh Sport horse was un-rideable on some bridle paths - she was a border liner sweet itcher  [severe summer itcher] & very sensitive to flies & midges.  Since Ruggle-it we ride anywhere with just an occasional tail swish.  I always have Ruggle-it at the yard, on the horsebox & ready at home.  Amazing product + friends I've recommended it to also found it brilliant.   Click here for full hand-written comments
Kathy Beare, Essex   Western riding horse's severe summer itching, fear of flies/midges 

" My itchy pony has had his life totally transformed for the better with Ruggle-it [oil + shampoo + 'pure' probiotics x 1 tub only].  I use the shampoo on my own hair too & can feel that there's no harsh chemicals stripping the hair.  I love these products" 
(Posted on Facebook 6/7/18 re an international story regarding the damage normal shampoos do to animal skin by destroying the protective flora & causing overgrowth of normal flora...which then increases likelihood of bacterial infections [serious skin invasions])

Deb Towers, The Quantocks, Somerset   14.2hh pony - 'beside himself' manic mane/tail itching, stress;  human uses 

" Quite remarkable results for our Irish gelding who's suffered with summer itching for years.  Inside 19 days he's now out of his fly rug, he's much happier & more relaxed, your detailed notes really do work & only applying now every 2nd day.  So simple & SO effective"  See e-mail here
Mrs Hanlon, Goudhurst, Kent;   Irish gelding - persistent summer itching, stress, in a fly rug, scurfy, dry & crusty areas

  "Since using the Ruggle-it spray solution [diluted oil] the dogs do not seem bothered by ticks or insects in general & I even use it on myself. 
I believe the emulsion deters the initial tick attachment.  Have recommended it to my shooting syndicate"
  Click here 
John Griffin, Great Thorns Shooting Syndicate, Bridgwater, Somerset
0412 Ticks, midges, insects on Gundogs & Human

  " i) Your Ruggle-it oil is pure genius! The Alpaca's nose had been bald for just 10 days hair started to is a miracle. 
On another mite-ridden Alpaca all the redness went in just 7 days. And I'm sure his fleece is growing back already!  I cannot believe it 
You CAN use shampoo on Alpacas...they LOVE it & Duchess' face is a million times better!  
They love your grass-based Protexin probiotics too & there's no wastage"
For stories, before & after photos - click here
Mrs Dianne Summers (Regional BAS Welfare), Cornwall Alpaca prolonged baldness, mite infestation

  #A.  "In 1977 I broke my leg badly - both Tib' & Fib' .  It became infected [smelled rotten/dogs also knew something wrong with it] so I needed multiple bone grafts & eventually had Fib' removed as was infected [gone rotten].  With built up heels, it didn't stop me being long-listed for the Olympics. 
 In March 2018 I re-broke my Tib' . 
#C.  Early 2019 (nearly a year later), still using crutches, still in great pain, the X-ray [medical photo] showed the bone graft had moved.  So in Feb/March 2019, I put a soaked pad of Ruggle-it Oil under my daily support bandage.  Late April '19 the pain's gone & I can go shopping with no crutch, I can garden again.  I truly believe it's down to the Ruggle-it - brilliant!  Anybody wants to talk to me, give them my e-mail or telephone here.  Click here for full story   
Sally Russell, Sabinillas, Spain;  Competition rider's broken leg - bone graft not healing;  foot corn

     A.  "I was very sceptical as I'd tried everything for my GSD's itching (I tried frontline [strong flea application] in desperation but the mites returned inside days).  I followed your Ruggle-it salve & shampoo notes & her skin is returning to a lovely pink (only a few dark areas left), the critters are gone & she's much happierI'm a dog groomer so will spread the word in Ireland"   B - update.-  September 2015.   "Used Ruggle-it religiously for several years with great success.  It's saved some bedding plants from insects this year & I use it on myself for insect bites.  Your rice articles...I can't believe the difference since stopping.  Used Ruggle-it on a Shepherd's cracked/angry nose - hey presto, back to normal in a few days.  I enjoy your really helpful tips on Facebook Can't recommend your products highly enough."   See both stories here   
Joan Wallace, Southern Ireland;   German Shepherd Dog's itching, black skin, mite attack (underbelly), dog's depression, painful nose, bedding plants, human insect bites.

     A.  Horse - Mosquitoes, Flies, Itching, Stress.  "Ruggle-it & your probiotics have freed my Hackney  from being in a rug 24/7.  He now shines, his gait more fluid, he's much more relaxed.  With Ruggle-it there may be a mist of mosquitoes around him, but 3 inches above his skin!"
B.  Dogs - Itching, Irritated Paws.   "I applied your Ruggle-it salve & gave them the Bio-Kult Live Bacteria - one dog's paw was extremely irritated from constant licking.  After 2 days the grass seed was expelled with a lot of yellow gunk."  
"Miraculous & excellent products.  A gift from Mother Nature indeed"   
Click here for the letter.
Mrs C Gorrel, Ringwood, Hants;  
equine itching, flying bugs, stress;  dog itching + 1 x 'alien' embedded in the paw.

  "Terrible summer itching [see before & after photos] - now you would not believe its the same horse.  Ruggle-it beats the Spanish midges & Candela practically begs me to apply it by straddling her hind legs;  she also "mouths" it when I use the airborne spray....  Fabulous." 
> > 
Click here for story & self-explanatory pictures
Melanie,  Andalucia,  SPAIN  extreme horse summer itching (face, tail), bug bites

  "Ruggle-it has saved me a small fortune. Fern has beautiful skin since applying Ruggle-it [for summer itching].  Last year she was scaly & scabby & so itchy she was rubbing open sores [minor wounds] along her back. This year she has lovely supple skin & the occasional itch but no more than Bobby (non-itchy Highland Pony).
I have told all my friends on various message boards & will continue to advocate your brilliant products. Thanks a million!"

Miss Nicol-Bose, Scotland;   Exmoor pony - Summer itching, rubbing

"I tell everyone how brilliant I've found your products for my Haflinger pony with severe insect sensitivities both in effect & value for money.  It's so long-lasting & Ruggle-it has saved me a fortune!"   See e-mail here
Alex H-D, Birmingham, West Midlands;   Haflinger with severe sensitivity to fly, midge & insects

  "Your Ruggle-it oil & shampoo worked miracles on my 2 donkeys.  Very impressed with your service too - ordered yesterday, here today, beautifully packaged"    Click here    [includes photo]   
Rosemary Clarke, Donkey Breed Society, Powys;  Donkeys' summer itching, skin irritations, extensive hair loss

"Amazing!   Flies laid off completely, terrible open sores [areas] healed [repaired] beautifully.  My pony was miserable & so painful before Ruggle-it.  Applied it once in 3 days recently & legs still look amazing."   See full story here   {Why the blacked out text + words in [brackets]?  See Vet Med link in left margin...}
Saraht, Exeter;   Pony - severe itching, flies, open areas

  ""I recommend Ruggle-it for all dog owners  A. He no longer has legs & a body scratched raw & bleeding [badly gnawed, extremely itchy, angry & at risk].   B. And, he never had a tick in 2 weeks' holiday in Aviemore"   Click here
Mrs Forrest, Aberdeenshire;  ex rescue Beagle dog - ticks + extreme & prolonged seasonal skin issues (pollen, grass, biting bugs), hair loss, extreme chewing

"Your Triggers are the Best - fed up with others bunging up & stopping working.  The Ruggle-it oil spray is brilliant at keeping midges away especially for my Shetland who can rub & rub his face.  It keeps his face & muzzle in good condition for the showing season."    See here
Susie H, Ringwood, Hants;   Showing ponies (inc' Reserve Champion at County level).

  "Very good products (Ruggle-it + probiotics) for horses, dogs & myself.  No more itching & no more sleepless nights.  The service is marvellous & lots of my friends say the same"   Click here for handwritten note
Mrs O'Neil, Surrey;  itching, seasonal issues, bugs, internal health

  "1.  Brilliant - from being covered in bites (midges had gone under the rug causing 'bunches of grapes" on her exposed skin) & a Vet visit, to, OUT WITHOUT A RUG & not a bite in sight - well done!!!  It's funny, the flies go near the horse and change their mind about landing - proof enough for me! 
2.  I've also ditched the garlic.  Thanks for your extensive e-mail & product notes - really helpful."
   For the full story, click here    
Mrs Lambert, Essex;   Horse's extreme response (bitten under fly rug); possible garlic issues

"Malbec's behind-the-knee issues - they speak for themselves!  I am totally thrilled at how quickly things seem to have improved with Ruggle-it & the probiotics"    Click here [includes before & after photos]  (350kb file but worth the wait!)
Mrs Sharland, Ipswich;  Coloured cob 's behind the knee crusting (mallenders)

  "Greyhound's coat & bald areas have improved tremendously + have used on horse ears too. Proved invaluable keeping critters away this summer. Click here 
Mrs Woolford, Dorchester;   dog + horse + general

"Great effects bathing and as a fly/bug spray - will now try for mites.  My mare is even soothed by the smell of Ruggle-it products;  I love them.  Teeko says "Thank you"...she is more peaceful now."    Click here for the e-mail
Mrs C. Watts, Suffolk;  Horse - summer bathing, flies/midges/bugs, mites

 A. -  07/2015. "Human wasp stings & body going into shock - a bath of Ruggle-it shampoo - I couldn't believe how quickly it worked!  For such reasonable outlay, every house should have your products.  
  "Thousands spent with the vets [pro's] - but since Ruggle-it, your probiotics & diet advice, my Westie & Westie/Scottie dogs are back in top condition.  Rest assured I am singing your praises to every one I know who has pets."  Click here (for both stories from 2015 & 2012 including photo)    
Mr G Champion, Langport, Somerset;   Human wasp stings +  2 x Westie dogs - extreme itching, ear & diet issues

- "Cassie's itching & crusty areas were gone in a couple of weeks & haven't returned.  I've not used 'traditional' flea products since & her coat is lovely & shiny."  
Click here for updated story.   
Original 2013 + UPDATE 02.2014
Lisa Young, South Glos;   rescue cat's scratching, crusty areas, stress

     "I have had the children completely free of head lice for a complete school year & happy non itchy horses -  I think your products are great"
Mrs Candy, Corsham;  head lice;  itchy horses

  "A sensitive, scaly, irritated scalp for as long as I can remember [a form or extreme eczema] & I'd tried everything - supplements, shampoos, eliminating foods. Inside a week of your oil salve, shampoo & probiotics, my scalp is clear!"  , Click here
Becky, South Wales c10 years of extreme human scalp issues

   "From 2-3 ticks per day on my working Springer to not a single tick with the spray Ruggle-it.  A MUST for stalkers & shooters"  Click here
Countryman's Weekly magazine "Tried & Tested" in-depth report.

  "My nervous cat had bad Harvest Mites - conventional products had no effect.  In desperation & with scepticism I bought Ruggle-it.  After only several applications we noticed a real improvement - he's much happier & generally calm. Thanks for your excellent next day service too!  Click here
Mrs GB, Isle of Wight;   nervous cat - harvest mites, itching 

  "After a few days of Ruggle-it, Jock had stopped chewing his feet & in a couple of weeks, his tummy hair began to grow back.  It's also excellent for ticks - inside 24 hours they'd shriveled & died;  good on dog & goat cuts/grazes too.
The Flaxseed oil has helped my 5 year old setter who gets a bit stiff after an agility competition & it's helped Jock's itching too" 
Click here
Helen S, Yorkshire;   1. Gordon Setter severe itching, paw chewing, hair loss, ticks, mites;  2. Dog Joint stiffness & skin issues [flaxseed oil]  3.  Goat's cuts/grazes

   A. "Coco my rat's been to the Vet so many times for mite products - his skin was so bad, he'd pull chunks of fur out & he wouldn't allow me to stroke him.  After the first bath & salve he seemed to calm down.  He allowed me to stroke him & fell asleep!  He likes his baths now!    B.  Ruggle-it has helped my skin issues a lot too (hand).  Amazing products"    Click here for full story [includes before & after photos]
Mr & Mrs Bradley-S', West Midlands;  Pet rat - persistent mites, itching, hair loss, stress, human skin issues

   1.  Mud, fungal, skin, immune issues.   "Over winter with Ruggle-it + Protexin probiotics for his mallenders [cracks behind his knees], his awful puffy, folded skin, ouzing & crusty legs pastern dermatitis  that the Vet said he'd need to 'live with', I simply couldn't believe the difference!"   2.   Itching + Flies (summer/winter).  "Ruggle-it for my Cob's extreme winter & summer itching (fly rug, fly mask & fence wrecking - tail + sheath under greatest attack) is remarkable.  And he no longer needs summer fly rugs!"
*  Ruggle-it works!  It's important to follow the instructions.  It's a lot more economical than fly rugs, masks & fly sprays that don't work, let alone replacing fences!"   
Click here for a very detailed account
[includes before & after photos]   [It's worth any delay in the 345kb file download.]
Mrs C Watson, Northallerton, Yorkshire;  
behind knee mallenders [crustiness],  crusting & thickened legs from pastern to tendons, mud issues, extreme summer/winter itching

  "One week of Ruggle-it & Ruby's stopped scratching [sides of belly, bum/tail] & is much happier"   Click here  for short report  [includes photo]
Mrs Moon, Westclyst, Devon;  Whippet X Poodle - mystery crusty back, itching

  " 1. It saved one very ill Border Terrier's life (Ruggle-it, your Green Barley Grass & Protexin) - Tippy had such a severe flea infestation she became dangerously anaemic.  She's never been as well as now! 
We also take the Bio-Kult ourselves & feel greatly improved health. We've never had such efficient & warmly friendly service anywhere!"  Click here for more...
Mrs S Wood & Mr J Benton, Stowmarket;   pet & house fleas, sickness, human issues

         "My Shire's summer itching was so bad... dripping blood; but when the oil helped with bugs on my veggies & delicate plants, in desperation I tried it on my horse. It’s amazing... by applying it intermittently & before the ‘season’ really gets going, I now have a horse that doesn’t suffer! 
I use it for the chickens & all my animals now... if I’m in doubt, as it's so gentle I’ll dab it on most minor wounds.
Please tell others about this. It’s great for the garden too”

Mrs DS, Oxon Shire Horse summer itching, Mud issues, Chickens, Farm animals (bugs eating plants!)

  "Demodex mite infestation (+ blackened skin & tail)- all gone & never returned with Ruggle-it and one box of your Protexin live bacteria."   Click here for story
Kevin White, Bridgwater;  Border Terrier's mites, blackened skin 

  "I was in tears as my pony had taken her mane off down to the skin & was bleeding - for 3 years I bought everything - my tackroom looks like a chemist.  A friend lent me some Ruggle-it - I thought naaa this won't work.  How wrong was I, within 2 days my pony stopped rubbing, her mane's growing and no midge bites. I can't praise your company enough."   Click here for story (and photo).
Mrs Tina Eynon, Morecambe, Lancs;  Fell pony's severe summer itching, midges

  "Inside 48 hours of stopping the garlic, not one damn lump!!! Thank you so much for warning me about it ...
Well I'm now blaming you!!!  We did get to the European Champs & she's just won both classes & is now European Reserve Performance Champion in 2008 & European Hunt Seat Champion in 2009.  Both Ruby & Spartacus [stallion] were bathed in Ruggle-it shampoo"
Click here for 3-part story
Miss Traci Ewing,;   Morgan mare - Garlic reaction, shedding skin, extensive body lumps, 'pin-cushion', fly spray, coat-shine post clipping, show prep'

  "Jenny the Donkey was in a hot, sorry & balding state due to summer itching & extensive attack by biting critters; her body was visibly unhappy & she was dejected from her cycle of pain. The pictures tell the story!"   Click here (including before & after photos)
Mrs G Philip, Perthshire, Scotland;  Donkey body mutilation & summer itching, hot ears, hair loss

  "I am amazed - your product does what it says!  Chester's heels were very pink & sore [tender/struggling], and, he always suffers with mud fever [mud issues] in winter.  He has to wear socks in our arena.  I'd tried many products.  But with Ruggle-it his heels have healed [fully recovered],  no scabs [crusty areas] or pinkness which is the 1st time ever especially in the field conditions.  Your product is amazing"   Click here for story.
Mrs Lisa Wood, Kent;  15.1hh Welsh Section D heel & mud issues + skin irritations   

  "Wow!   Should be a tack-room necessity!  On welfare grounds we decided it best to put our little pony to sleep [extreme summer itching].   Thank goodness the Abattoirs had a waiting list.  Silver literally has a life now thanks to finding Ruggle-it during that waiting period."   Click here for the full & magical story of Mother Nature's last minute rescue...
Helen Ebsary, The Quantock Hills, Somerset;  Extreme summer itching/misery 

  "The before picture shows his rubbed shoulder, belly & back legs. He had so many lumps I wasn't sure if it was bites or hives [lumps].  His maniacal scratching is a thing of the past & he's less bothered by flies than other horses when he's out!  Before Ruggle-it there were plenty of days of absolute misery but now he & I are much happier & calmer!"   Click here for before & after  photos & story
Joell Engard, New York, USAsummer itching, insect bites, lumps, hair loss

  "Ruggle-it's really effective if you stick to the plan for Beau (25 year old pony) who is extremely prone to sweet itch [severe summer itching].  Your in-depth approach is one of the things I find really reassuring - I believe you properly care about the animals.  I load your Planner onto my smart-phone too!"   Click here for full story, clever smart-phone idea & adorable photo
Mrs Nex, Chard, Somerset;  25 year old pony's extreme summer itching 

    "1. The Mealybug disappeared in only 2 applications.  
From frantic itching (my horse was unrideable during hot weather) to a 3 hour hot ride last weekend with no itching at all & a few flies on mine but the other horse was covered in them!  Am very impressed with this product."
  Click here
Jackie Stagg, Somerset Plant Mealybug, very extreme unidentified horse itching, flies on hacks, coat shine

  "To think that my very distressed ponies' itching was caused by feeding garlic & the wrong feed!
Within days of taking your advice they'd noticeably stopped their frantic rubbing
Also, with your diluted oil only every other day, they've no flies at all!" 
 Click here
Ronnie Mount, Dover;    Extreme horse itching/hurling (Garlic/Feed connected) + flies

   "A.  Ruggle-it is truly the only product that REALLY  works for my Springer & Bichon [harvest mites, fleas, mites, severe itching, near tail amputation, Springer 'feels ill' with flea products] - the chemical ones [commonly used flea products] don't seem to be able to keep on top of the problem anymore.  I love that your products are natural & I love the unusual smell. 
B.  I changed the diet too as we discussed.
C.  Wonderful customer service, rang me back as promised, next day delivery!  Greatly indebted to your company"   See the 2-page full hand-written story here
Janice Chapple, Sidmouth, Devon;   Springer Spaniel + Bichon Frise dogs - prolonged & extreme itching, risk of tail amputation, harvest mites, fleas, mites, diet issues.

  "I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Ruggle-it & Protexin Bio-Kult - my finger recovered rapidly after being bitten off (amputated) after a dog fight.  Click here  (inc' during & after photos)    
Ms Jenkinson, Somerset;   human finger - after amputation

  "Haven't needed any flea "spot on's" since using your Ruggle-it;  Max's bald eye patches all cleared, my mossie bites, swellings & itchiness all disappeared within hours.  Great trying to spread the word"  Click here 
Sue Behennah, Launceston;   Gundog's fleas, hair-loss (eyes), human mossie bite 

    "Over 500 spent at the Vets & they'd drawn a blank on the cat's very irritated skin & itching (I was looking after the cat for the owner for 2 weeks).  Inside 3 days of Ruggle-it shampoo & salve mix wiped on with a kitchen towel, all the redness had gone & the old scratches were healing nicel [doing well].  The cat's owner is amazed!".      Click here
Mrs Moore, Swindon, Wilts 's extreme scratching

   "Your advice & products have totally changed our lives..  Inside a few weeks of your dietary ideas, Ruggle-it & probiotics, I simply do NOT have the words to express my gratitude for  the difference in Molly (young Labrador)."  Click here
Gill Bennett, Tavistock, Devon;   1 year old Labrador - extreme itching & ear issues, paw chewing, hair loss, 'wind'/digestive issues, sickness, digging up organic vegetables, stress

  "Bad summer itching & ruined rugs - we tried EVERY rug & exhausted other products.  With Ruggle-it we're managing it quite well & he's now NEVER in a rug.  We love it. 
Also, the products & advice on 'horse care for difficult cases' is amazing"
  Click here for story & photo.
Mrs Bowditch, Somerset;  Clydesdale X with bad summer itching, now rug-free + advice for difficult cases 

   "Ruggle-it salve/oil has been very helpful for my Cob Cross' knee scabs [crustiness] & her ear mites"    Click here     
S Wood, Bath;  
behind knee mallenders, ear mites

  "1.  The Ruggle-it oil & shampoo worked great for mites, stamping & itching & brilliantly on the old boy's mallanders (knee & mud scabs) - the owner had tried literally everything.
2.  The Protexin probiotics helped the youngster's droppings & now has less issues when staying away at clinics;"
  Click here includes BEFORE & AFTER photos
Mrs Julie P-D, Kent young TBx & 20 yr old cob - stress, mallanders, crusty knee-backs, mites, stamping, itching

   "Photo 1 Amy in 2008 (rubbed out mane/tail in Scotland);  
Photo 2
is a different story in 2009 with Ruggle-it & Protexin. She's looking fabulous (and yes, the [Scottish] midges have been out & going this year).  I've used Ruggle-it for everything...itchy terrier, on the gelding who rubbed on a newly creosoted pole & took acres of hair off - hair regrowth started in 3 days. I even like the smell!"
Click here for the full story & BEFORE and AFTER photos
Mrs KG, Perthshire, Scotland Highland Pony's summer itching + itchy JRT + horse creosote

    "Thanks for your amazingly speedy turnaround of my order - excellent service as always!"  (On Facebook, 22/6/13)
Mrs L Cook, Staplehurst, Kent

"I was at my wits end - pony continually stamping, with heavy feathers.  Now, for the first time in 14 years, Thor had an itch/scratch free summer with your products!  Cannot praise your product enough.   Photo is of very happy Thor!"    Click here (includes photo)
Jennifer Colliar, Stirlingshire;  Heavily feathered pony - stamp, itching continually

  ""My dog no longer has excessive headshaking - it's the 1st year we've been free of problems with your ointment applied in his ears & his itching & paw chewing greatly helped by your products (I use the shampoo as a soothing foot bath). 
Each Spring his skin blackens & has a 6" line of hair loss from Feb' to June - no one can explain why.  But this year I used your products & within 2 weeks there was no more hair loss & the skin colour returned to normal, then hair re-grew.  I am delighted"  
Click here for 2 x very detailed letters + Photos  [it's worth waiting for the file to download!]
Ann Rose, Sussex;  Boxer dog - severe head shaking, seasonal blackened skin & hair loss, extreme paw chewing

  "The shampoo my dog was prescribed rotted the bath mat in 16 shampoos whilst Yoda had 8 months of very bad skin issues, itching, feet chewing & hair loss.  Since using your Ruggle-it shampoo & oil-salve & the Bio-Kult probiotics, we haven't looked back since.  I trust your products completely, my dog is a lot happier & his coat absolutely gleams.  I hope others will trust Mother Nature to help their dogs...and to have a good look at what is actually in some of these 'so called' shampoos."   Click here for very detailed hand-written letter & 'after' photo.
Mrs Sue Berrisford, Staffs;  very bad dog paw chewing, yeast issues, itching, hair loss

   "In most cases of Alpaca skin/mite issues, we have found it very good indeed & it certainly seems to soothe the animals when it is being put on.  It's pretty effective at deterring midges for us too!" 
Caroline S-C, WhyNot Alpacas, Cumbria;  Alpaca mite issues;  Humans & midges

  "Without a word of a lie, when I collect 'Harry' from the field he has not had ONE SINGLE FLY on him. 'Fan dab ee dosey' is an understatement!"  Click here
Mrs S Betts, Newton Abbott  1 x BE Event Horse severely traumatised by flies/bugs;  use on a white-grey horse

   Horse - "I tried you as a last resort (with scepticism - sorry!).  I now kick myself for not trying your Ruggle-it and your Probiotics sooner.   I'm most impressed with the difference in Mojo - he's now calm, lowers his head to be sprayed (he'd not tolerate fly sprays forward of his poll before).  He loves your probiotics (he's usually very food cautious).  And he no longer mistrusts humans 
After 2012's major battle with mud issues, I feared the worst with this winters incessant rain (2013-14) - but nothing! 
Wonderful products, care , attention & advice
- I recommend your company to anyone who will listen!"    
Click here for
original story (2012) + UPDATE 02.14
Lisa Young, South Glos;   extreme equine itching, skin-reactive, severe apprehension, food-fear, mud issues

  "Incessant stamping, rubbing against stable doors, kicking feed buckets to pieces & pinning people/me in corners to make them scratch the bits he can't 18hh 900kg gelding's torment from itchy legs.
But that's all in the past now thanks to a few days of Ruggle-it."

Equi-Ads National Magazine "Tried/Tested";   equine leg itching/stamping (mites) 

  "1.  It's the first time my horse Leo's not had mud issues.
2.  Severe feather mite.  And my other horse is doing really well & I've been able to let his feathers grow - he used to have severe feather mite.  I am extremely pleased."    Click here
Louise Harmer, Eastbourne;  mud & mite issues in horses 

  "It's made such a difference to keeping flies away from Pip's toilet/run/hutch, that I don't need to spray her. Excellent"   Click here for story & pictures of one happy rabbit!
Mr Lammin; Avon attack by flies on Rabbit

  "a. Your ultra mild Ruggle-it human shampoo & soaps are so good for my skin (& the b. R&S Facial oil for my dry skin); 
The Ruggle-it salve soothes my cat & helps him stop his obsessive cleaning. 
d. Great results on my 14 y.o. cat's stiff front leg with your Pillules; 
and the probiotics also helped another cat's stomach issues"  Click here 
Mrs P.D. A', Bideford, Devon;   2 x Cats (see above);  1 x Human (irritated & sensitive skin)

  "Best fly deterrent ever - flies just go straight past!  Used on summer itching, cob stamping, general flies & horse that wouldn't allow his owner near his nose - he loved the smell.  My boys actually come to be sprayed with Ruggle-it oil - that's something for an ex race TB.  Brilliant product  "   Click here for both stories...
Julie Price, Aldburgh, Suffolk;  Chemical-fearful horse + flies, mites, summer itching

  1. “Your ruggle-it shampoo got rid of my son's cradle cap brilliantly (retrieved from my itchy Icelandic's stable!)  
Your Restore probiotics, shampoo & ruggle-it oil completely got rid of my son's sudden onset of eczema [skin issues] inside 15 days & no reoccurrence - brilliant"
  Click here 
Charlie Barrett, Bridge, Somerset   1. Baby Cradle Cap;  2. Baby skin itching/redness

  "1.  Last year Levi [horse] was very itchy but not this year thanks to Ruggle-it.. 
2. Before your Pernamax [Maxavita GLM] Levi could NOT back up & he only used short strides - now he flits around the field & backs up all by himself!  Treacle [dog] has much more energy since your dog GLM too.  Brilliant!.
3. Our internet is hopeless - so I leave a message & you always call back quickly & are very helpful - please don't change!"
    For the full story & pictures, click here  
Mrs Cowlishaw, Lincs;   Elderly Horse's itching (+ bone issues/inability to back up);  dog's energy

  "Amazing - they actually do what they claim & all natural to boot. 
My Clydesdales (with
very heavy feathers) like the relief it brings.  It does not sting or irritate.  All excellent."  
Click here
Dr M Stefaniak,  Ontario,  CANADAHeavy/Shire horses - midges, mites, itchy legs

  "Photo 1 is when I started using your Ruggle-it oil (very sore/swollen tail).  Photo 2 - is Cloe's tail today - is it long enough to plait now?!  People can't believe how different she looks now."  Click here (before & after photos) 
S Turner, Halifax, W. Yorkshire;  Horse itching (summer) & dock damage 

    "It's tamed the Scottish Midges!  Max had a miserable existence...most would have agreed it was kinder to put him to sleep.... but not now though!  He's happy for the 1st time in his life.... a truly wonderful thing. Kira's heels are still a problem but far better.... the hoof brush works wonders! 
Also, we're using it to protect us from Surrey midges...& will take it back to Scotland when we venture on the hills back home (we're even getting used to the smell!)"
Click here
Dr K Logan, Surrey & Scotland Scottish midges mauling pony; fungus/prolonged heel issue; human bug deterrent

        "Love your smelly product!  Beautiful tail this year on the pony;  brilliant of my 3 year old's scabby head & no head lice when they're rampant at the nursery;  has helped the dogs' itching & paw chewing too."   Click here for hand-written report
Karen Perry, Leics head scabs & head lice;  tail rubbing ponies, itchy pets.

  "Just wanted to say that I'm thrilled with your products.  ALL my ponies are  without rugs & free of fly sheets & it's a joy to see them "naked" in the field.  The mites are still a problem but so much more manageable when the boys are daubed & sprayed!.  Can't say I'll get used to the smell but it's a small price to pay.  Thank you for such a wonderful product"
Mrs L, Micheldever, Hants;  ponies with summer itching, mites issues

  "We'd decided to put him down - our working Springer Spaniel was dying in front of us..  But, we tried your probiotics (Ruggle-it & salmon oil)  as a last resort.  Within weeks he had come back to life..."    Click here
A Stothard, Durham;  dog's life-threatening skin issues

    "1.  For my own skin, [sensitive] your Ruggle-it shampoo [the animal/human version] is the 1st one I've stuck with for 25 years" - leaves hair looking & feeling lush;  also use it as hand/body wash. 
 It's also the 1st time I've ever ordered a 2nd pot of any face cream (used on hands too). 
  Your Protexin probiotics has helped normalise my ex hurdler horse's appetite issues. 
4.  And no joint clicking since using your Green Lipped Mussel 
[Omega 3-rich]- I think it's doing him good."    
Click here
Mrs SG, Somerset;  ex Hurdler's appetite issues;  creaking joints;  Human sensitive skin & hair

  “My baby had quite bad Cradle Cap when she was born & was still in evidence at the age of seven months. I had tried several of the conventional medicinal shampoos/creams to no avail so I gave Ruggle-it a go!!
After two applications it had nearly disappeared already. She did smell a little strange but quite bearable & my horse ‘loves’ the smell!”
Mrs CG, Badgworth, Somerset for Infant Cradle Cap

  "1.  Completely thrilled... George's itching was so bad he was in danger of being put down... out now without a rug & he hasn't rubbed;
2.  Sorted my badly cracked thumb by lunch;
3..  Willie's tummy was such a mess (unridable)... now completely fine"

Mrs C Fletcher, Monmouthshire Summer itching, rubbed ponies, cracked thumb 05/08

  "1.  Rotten pasterns [Mud issues], cracks & 'swollen follicles' from years of being hobbled before I got days of your oil, shampoo & probiotics his legs are fantastic (after 5 days his body had already closed the open areas) - for the 1st time ever he has soft, healthy skin on all 4 legs (& full feather again!). I'd tried EVERYTHING before you. 
Romeo has always had big fly/midge difficulties when he's been bitten - but he loves it, as soon as he smells the oil, he turns around saying "put some here, and here, and here"!" 
Click here
Miss Emma Whittaker, Preston;   1.  extreme mud/fungus invasion, swollen follicle issue;  2. Fly bites

  "My mare's tail was awful, she had sores & scars on her thighs, teats, mid-line belly & muzzle as well as an expensive rug.  With the easy Ruggle-it routine. she's now entirely free of itching/ rubbing & without a rug"    Click here
Liza Watson, Brecon mare's extreme summer itching & sensitive skin

  "We've tried just about everything for [fox mite issues on Alpacas], but definitely find this the best solution.  Andromeda has improved nicely & after only a few days the bad scabs on Cassiopia's arm-pits started to loosen."
Rushmere Alpacas (Jo Parker), Rushmere Alpaca fox mite issues, scabs

    "I can't praise these products enough
1. Sensitive Thoroughbred now without his rug & no flies around him (even on every-other day application!);
2.  dog's old bite injury disappeared,
3.  11 year old child's itchy skin soothed almost immediately." Click here
Mrs SH, Cheshire horse without fly rug, bugs around buildings, child's itchy skin, long-standing dog chewing an old injury

  "Our donkey has made a full recovery from his sarcoid thanks to your advice & Ruggle-it."
Karen Weller, Radstock;  Donkey - Sarcoid on 'man bits' ("bleeds, not pleasant")

  "My JRT's hot & irritated belly skin, itchy paws & itchy back & tail base mystified the Vets.  But in just over a week of using Ruggle-it it's gone & he's hardly scratching at all.  A much happier little dog now"  Click here (including photo of Jack)
Neil Taylor, Scawby, N. Lincs;   Jack Russell Terrier's mystery itchy paws, tail, back & red/irritated belly skin

  "Wire Haired Vizla with very delicate skin & rashes you cannot explain - your products have made all the difference.  My ES Spaniel, Collie & Vizla are all shampooed with it  - there are NO Fleas & doesn't irritate the skin.   I'd recommend Ruggle-it to anyone!"
Mrs Lewis, Pembrokeshire;  pet fleas, irritated pet skin & rash

   1. “Winter scabby legs are completely cleared & it hasn’t returned.  
Also tried it on my nephew with eczema [very hot & itching skin] - in just 3 days, redness disappeared & itching much reduced."

Miss SD, Cornwall 1. Muddy environments; (and 2. human skin itching)

  “Gave your shampoo [I use it for my dogs] to my daughter for 6 month old grandson with pretty bad cradle cap [scabby head]  - the other products she'd tried were harsh & didn't help.  Ruggle-it has worked! 
She wants more now for rest of the kids...please send head lice instructions too" 
Mrs K H, Newmarket;  Baby cradle cap [scabby head]

  "My cat had crusty, itchy ears for no apparent reason for upwards of 3 yearsWithin 3 days of Ruggle-it salve there was a marked improvement;  in just over 1 week every scab had gone & no recurrence.  It's amazing!"
Mrs Le Croissette, North Yorkshire;  Cat's ear problems & itching

  "My Jack Russell puppy was very poorly with demodex mite - so used Ruggle-it, your probiotics & your special Omega fish oils plus a good natural diet - he's now very well. 
All my dogs have lovely coats now & look healthy.  Also use your probiotics & omega oils on my elderly pug for his spinal issues - he's still with us!"

Jen Gammer, Sedbergh, Cumbria;  Jack Russell Terrier puppy + JRT bitch + elderly Pug

  "I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the results after 5 days.  8 years of chronic mites for Maisie despite many potions, lotions, food supplements & professional advice & what a difference just 5 days has made". Click here
Mrs Sue Forret, Lincolnshire for Chronic equine leg mites, leg stamping

  " Medicine cabinet must-haves - that's how I value Ruggle-it oil & your probiotics.
One of my Alpaca RSPCA rescue cases [Mrs Summers looks after rescued Alpacas for the RSPCA & others]  who was riddled with mites & had thick crusty scabs all over her belly was sorted with Ruggle-it.   I had to do it every other day & it took 8 weeks to remove all the scabs but it worked.  I also fed Protexin for 3 months to help re-build her from the insides.  My vet was more than impressed."
Dianne Summers, Helston, Cornwall;  Rescued Alpaca (ex RSPCA)

  "Used Ruggle-it & your Protexin probiotics as I've spent a fortune at vets with no response - you were the last resort before blood tests & skin scrape route.  In two days the majority of lumps had gone & the itching stopped!!   It's like magic  I just can't believe how effective your products have been."   Click here for the full story  
Mrs Snowdon, Ripon, North Yorks;  
equine itching & lumpy skin

  "Your Ruggle-it spray-bath [shampoo & trigger sprayer] worked wonders on my Show Dog.  Two judges remarked how lovely the coat was!"    Click here for story & Photos.
Kathy Morgan, Blandford, Dorset;  Briard Show Dog - show prep, fleas

  "Used Ruggle-it Starter Pack for mites with great effect  - he seems much happier and bald patches are cradle cap [better].   I'm so impressed with your product I'm getting some more so i can use it on my other 2 ponies as fly spray.  Thank you for a fantastic product.
Mrs MB, Worcester;   equine mites 

  "Ruggle-it is amazing! I was very sceptical having spent a lot of money on various well-known products for summer itching & mud issues. I am thrilled.  I know this sounds like an advert but I can't quite believe it myself.  All owners should try it!"
Mrs Sally Douglas, Shropshire for equine summer itching, mud issues & flies (one horse!)

    "From scabby lower legs & behind the knees & feathers under threat to The Royal London Show's Supreme In Hand Champion with Ruggle-it  for my Friesian Mare.  I used it on my very sore eye lids too - it worked inside 3 days - I really could not believe it.  Thank You!"  Click here (includes photo)
Lesley Pilgrim, Herts;  Show horse scabby knees & legs;  Human eye-lid issue

  "Confirmed Staph A [badly invaded pastern & leg skin from mites damage] - Drummer's improved beyond recognition & now only needs a few sprays of the diluted oil;  Truly amazing - I couldn't be without it."    Click here 
Mrs Howard, Oldham, Lancs;  Cob's mites/itchy legs, confirmed Staph A, immune system sensitivities, dust issues, 'elephant' legs

      "Your oil & shampoo are utterly fantastic.... for my lamb's skin (after scours), my kids' head lice, my hair, the horse's flies & fungus, on the stable for flies & a horse on box rest." Click here to read in full
Mrs R Beardwood, Freyaleigh Kennels, Bradford Head lice, scouring lamb skin, horse bugs & fungus; bug deterrent on buildings;  05/08

  "It worked absolutely brilliantly. I first used Ruggle-it as a fly deterrent in the summer - our pony stopped scratching like mad & I didn't have to worry about the children spraying it on him & possibly breathing some in ... You have been a fantastic source of advice for us as novice owners & I have really valued her helping us to use natural products & for sharing her experience & ideas."
Mrs J Willis, Cumbria for Fell Pony fly repellent & determined itching 12/07
  "Manic itching & bleeding (from Mites & midges) has all stopped. Stamping, biting & rubbing legs has stopped. Diluted oil is also great against flies" Full story click here (+ some pictures)
Miss Marie Doherty, St Helens, Merseyside Equine mites, stamping, biting, rubbing, flies, wound scabs
     "Raging summer itching when he arrived & was known locally as 'Baboon Bum' for obvious reasons. You'd never know the pony had a even without daytime rugs! On the puppy, the oil hasn't killed the demodex mite but it's still fab at helping any hint of secondary issues."
Ms Kathy Andrews, Equine Touch Practitioner MNFSH, BHS 111, B.Ed(hons), Nailsworth, Glos Pony's extreme summer itching & Puppy with invasive demodex mite

  "I cannot believe it - I am truly shocked. I have tried everything on the market for summer itching as one of my rescue mares never manages to keep her mane & tail in the summer & would scratch herself raw if she could. Being in the horse industry, & having kept horses for 30+ years, I have seen many products sold as the miracle cure for this that & the other, & have a healthy scepticism as a result. I cannot believe it - I am truly shocked. She's STOPPED scratching in just 4 days, & best of all my horses can still mutually groom each other with it on. Now when I go to see her I am greeted with a nuzzle & kiss instead of a bottom for scratching - which is nice!   I would HIGHLY recommend this product."
Sam Mignano. Natural Horse People;  Severe equine summer itching 08/07

    "Full feathers & no mud or scabby knee issues this year with your oil, shampoo & probiotics. It's also helped my itchy dog.  My 23 year old horse had bad mud (Mite) issues for 3 years which needed professional attention.  After applying Ruggle-it the effect was almost immediate & I can continue to turn him out in the wet & muddy field.  I also applied it to the nasty patches on the back of his knees...and its gone too.  I took your advice & used probiotics too.  Thanks for this marvellous stuff!"   Click here
Mrs Andrew, Swindon, Wilts;  elderly horse's mud, feather, immune issues; itchy Labrador dog

  "The Vet nearly had to do a biopsy on my dog's eye lump - so I tried your oil & it went down - within 6 days it had disappeared. Thank you" Click here includes BEFORE & AFTER photos
Mr & Mrs Heath, Stoke on Trent Dog with growing eye lump;  06/09

      "1. A young Sharpei dog was thrown over our fence - his back from his ears to his waist was raw (see pictures) - in 2 months he's now a picture or health thanks to your oil, shampoo & probiotics.  2. Also use it as a fly spray on the horses, on dog bedding & on itchy dog skin.  3. The shampoo has improved my hair condition.  4. The oil is a fantastic beauty product for wrinkles (but then I don't mind the smell!).  5. I was beaten up recently & inside 2 days of the shampoo & oil on my face, the results were amazing (see pictures)"!" Click here
Sally Russell, Spain;   1. dog accident & tick damage, 2. human accident, 3. bug spray on horses, dogs, pet bedding, 4. human hair, 5. human skin/wrinkles

  "This product should be on the ESSENTIALS LIST of every horse owner. For some applications, when diluted it works just as well [saves !]. Once it’s on, I only need reapply it every 6 days nowadays for her not to itch at all. Rubbed it neat into her ears because of the black flies - she’s now bite & fly free. Used on another horse with fungus. Such a wonderful & versatile product - how can anyone manage without it?"
Mrs SW, Wilts for equine body fungus, incessant itching, trauma by any flying creatures

  "I used the oil on an area of irritation on my arm - just a little once a day in the crease of my elbow & by the 3rd day it had gone!   Better than steroids [very harsh chemical] anytime.  I must say one could get rather addicted to the smell..."
V Layfield, Helston, Cornwall human skin itching/wounds

  "Henry my Dachshund went from a sad itchy dog to a glossy coated little man.  Your Ruggle-it, probiotics, omega 3  salmon oil & treats are excellent.  I have recommended your products as each one is excellent (+ excellent customer service, listening & explaining)"   Click here (includes hand written comments, card)
Mrs Tointon, Angus, Scotland;  rescue Dachshund dog - itching, paw chewing, sad

  "Thanks to Ruggle-it products & your Green Lipped Mussel,  my old horse Thomas (26 yrs old) is still going strong - we really do think it's improving Thomas' life & we like to let everyone know"  Click here (photo)
Mrs Smith, Scarborough, North Yorks;  Elderly horse with itching & joint issues

     "REMARKABLE doesn't do this product justice. My whole yard (c 20 of us) now use it for any/everything from midges, mud, summer itching, weather issues, minor wounds, bites etc,.   We've yet to find anything that it doesn't work on!   And you should see the flies back away from any area where it's applied. And I've put it on my 'crusty gardener's hands' & even my friends agree they cannot recognise my now beautifully soft hands from the ones I've had for years!  SENSATIONAL. How can one product do so much good?!”
Mrs LC, Avon Muddy environments, summer itching, minor open wounds, deterring flies, 'gardener's hands'!

  "The shampoo is astonishing - the itching and, therefore, skin on my dogs improved overnight!  With the strong smelling salve, my Saluki no longer licks the damaged skin on her tummy.  Impressive & fast-acting.  Wonderful product.  p.s. love the Facebook pages!"
Julia, Cheltenham;  pet berry bugs/harvest mites, itching, hair loss  Click here

  "Everyone with itchy horses should try this...I'm so pleased I did as I had almost given up. My 5 year old Warmblood has been itchy since he was 18 months old. I'd tried everything... powders in feed, creams, you name it. Now & to my amazement, not a bite on him. The relief for Max must be immense.. he isn't grumpy anymore!" Click here for this candid story or see Equi-Ads Aug'08.
Mrs K Lewis, Sidcup, Kent Warmblood with extreme summer itching since 18 months old

       "1.Two cats, one dog - Ruggle-it did the trick on them all inside days.  I work with most Vets in this area & I always have some mixed up & ready in the Ambulance
2. Also, my daughter's used the Bio-Kult probiotics for her unexplained tummy issues...already she's so much better".  
Click here
Mrs Moore, Swindon, Wilts mites, cat's serious neck skin issues, Vizla dog's facial grass sensitivity;  human's tummy issues

   Part 1:  "Great results for my Skewbald's knee scabs.  Great stuff!."   Part 2:  "The diluted oil works really well as a fly spray - fab' there are so many uses for it!"   Updated Spring (June '11)    Click here
Ms Rolfe, Warwicks;  equine muddy environments, behind-knee issues, fly spray

  "Emily has had clean legs last winter from her usual mud issues thanks to the oil; she used to have dreadful fly bites even with a rug - she's now fly-free. A friend's old horse [30 years old] had really bad leg & back issues during winter - he's running around like a spring chicken with clean legs & back thanks to the oil & shampoo!!" Click here
Mel B, Rochdale TB mare + Veteran - mud issues + summer flies & nasty bites

  "1.  The Ruggle-it oil was brilliant on my 10 y.o. Wirehaired Pointer's undiagnosed itches - have told loads of people about your products as I'm a dog groomer. 
2.  The joint pills work a dream [Maxavita Green Lipped Mussel)!  Since being on them she has no problems at all & charges around like a nutter (last year she had bone on bone contact in her hip & 2 months bedrest & a sore shoulder).
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Teresa Barlow, Bucks ageing dog's mystery itching (and joint issues)
      “1.It worked wonders for the horse's summer itching; also sorted the Jack Russell’s bald patch.
2.  Working on my own skin issues too although haven’t tried it on my bald patch yet!”
Mr FM, Avon Summer itching (and human skin itching & Jack Russell’s bald patch)

  "I am now convinced rice/cereals have been the root of the long-standing paw chewing & irritated ears on four Tibetan Spaniels. It is wonderful to see them so contented now - I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you identified it." Click here for very detailed feedback & picture
Mrs DZ, Liverpool;   dog rice/cereal feed issues, prolonged paw chewing & irritated ears

  "The two ponies with Summer Itching (mane/tail rubbing) had NO rugs this year & friends comment how well they look. We are very pleased with Ruggle-it"
Click here + Updated Spring (April) 2011 - see additional write-up in Exmoor Pony Society, Spring 2011, pages 20 & 21
Avril Dooley, Glos  Exmoor Ponies' Summer itching

  "Bought a Starter Pack from the Vets... have had some brilliant results although I've only just started using it really. I can't tell you what a relief it is so see my mare putting on weight & being back to her old calmer temperament." Click here for parts 1 & 2
Mrs Anne G-T, Somerset  Friesan horse with terrible bite reaction + Quarter Horse's skin issues

"The Terrier's coat has never been so silky, hair has grown back where it was sore & red for a long time; horse's leg/skin cleared up as well!"
Mrs C Wood, Ramsdale Stables, Nottingham pet 'angry' belly, skin chewing, hair loss; equine skin (leg) issues

  "100% success!  After 3 years of feather mites, weather fungus scabs & itching misery, dear Shannon is clear"
Mrs Slack, Surrey Horse mites, weather-related scabs, unidentified itching

  "Absolute miracle products.  Almost instant improvement from day 1 with shampoo and oil for mites/stamping/itching, persistent flaky behind the knee, irritated skin.  I am so impressed - such a fantastic product - a miracle worker for us!"  Click here (inc' photo)
Mrs Kearsey, Hampshire;   Cob with stamping, itching, mites, flaky skin behind knees

  "The Bio-kult probiotics & stopping rice have made such a difference to my 14 year old dog - before this she was so thin & I was seriously concerned about her future.
I hope many others will benefit from your company's knowledge, understanding & service"
Click here for hand-written note + picture
Cathy Jones, Taunton, Somerset;   elderly dog - intolerant to rice, constant upset tummy, seriously thin

    "My Labrador was depressed, reacted to flea spot-ons, was itchy, with poor coat & all over bald patches & puffy ears.  We live in a midge hell hole too!  Now Mac's hair is growing back, he's happy again & his skin is fresh with no more bumps.  Ruggle-it's also great for my midge bites!"
Miss Bain, Peebleshire, Scotland;  multiple dog issues;  pet/human Scottish midges.
[Used Starter Pack 4-B, changed feeds, boosted Omega 3 intake]  Click here

    1. "My Friesian horse Nikko arrived in poor condition, was thin & with lots of immune issues  - now he looks amazing with your Ruggle-it, probiotics & healing" .  2.  "Our 2nd success story - we rescued Bubba (Labrador x Rottweiler - meat intolerant, runniest of tummies) in March - we put him on your probiotics, salmon oil [to help boost OM3], a chicken & potato diet & then BARF - he's had no bad tummy since, wow has he grown & his coat shines.  I can't thank you enough for all your time, advice & encouragement."
Click here for 2 x  very detailed stories, feeding comments + before/after photos (it takes a few seconds to download - it's worth the wait!)
Fiona Folley, Devon;  Rescue Dog - skin & feed sensitivities, inherited health weaknesses;  New Horse - poor health, summer itching, extreme scurf

  "Bugs do ‘U’ turns!  Also visibly calmed the inner ear from ear mites"
Mrs ST, Devon Flies, midges, horse ear mites

  "Many ask how I keep Squirrel [Russian Trakehner] looking so good with NO RUG. I still find it hard to believe I'm using the same one product [since 2007], still finding new uses & most importantly Squirrel's still happy!" Click here
Mrs Moonan, Hertfordshire, Russian Trakehner - summer itching, formally rugged

  "4 years of rugs & itching...we'd given up. But the change was immediate.. he's now naked & proud inside 2 weeks!"
Mrs A Naish, South Glos New Forest Pony summer itching (4 years)

    "I couldn't believe it. In 1 week it's practically cleared up my elbow & knee itchy skin issues & my dog stopped itching in week 1 & the rash started to go after week 2." Click here
Miss L Harrison, Bradford;   dalmatian itch & rash; human itchy skin issues.

  "What a brilliant product...absolutely delighted with the results inside 7 days. The knee grease scabs have all come off, no fresh blood on her heels & she's not rubbed her mane or tail since -  she now lets me touch her sensitive legs, and we hacked out with the 'fly spray' with no bother at all!" Click here
Mrs Ann Price, Felixstowe;   horse knee grease, heel scabs, summer itching/rubbing & flies

    "Muddy environments no longer 'intimidate' my horse, my parents' Labrador's crusty body lumps have gone, stopped my Labrador chewing his paws raw, even eased my cold sores...."  Click here
Mrs J Ward, Preston, Lancs;   mud issues (& leg mites), dog crusty lump + feet gnawing, human cold sores 
  "Seems the best thing I've ever used against mites (fox/rabbit) for Bearded Collies & Portuguese Water Dog; not seen sign of a flea either; hair re-growth began after a few days. Would like some for our grooming parlour - these products really do what they say they do!" Click here 
Talraz Bearded Collies (Mrs Liz J) North Yorks Dog Mites (Fox/Rabbit), fleas, itching

  "My horse has very sensitive skin & scabby legs in June - within 10 days it was no more... and what's even better, it didn't return. Am now using it to keep the flies & midges away."
Liz Daniels (Editor), England's Equestrian magazine Mud-issues, flies, midges
  "The nits [head lice] thing is brilliant. Recommended it to the girls' school & to all their friends' mothers"
C Jones, York Head Lice

  "My St Bernard's a happy bunny again, all the itching has stopped & no more scabs [weeping top of tail & crustiness]. It worked a treat thank you" Click here for picture of the Mercedes Benz Van commercials mascot, Jonny St Bernard
Gill Wilson, Saintjacks St Bernards, Hull, St Bernard dog - itchy top of tail, weeping & crustiness
  "My lovely alpaca is so much better thanks to Ruggle-it - we're really chuffed with it is Duffy! It's now on all the others' toes"
Bonheur Alpacas (Yvonne Gardner) Hants. Extensive Alpaca mites
  "I'm really impressed with your Protexin probiotics - Dougal was very thin, stressed, doing lots of poos & having tummy & feet issues. The results are impressive, the farrier's noticed a dramatic improvement, it's not expensive & Dougal even likes it...he turns his nose up at floppy carrots!"   Click here includes Before, during & After photos
Miss Samara Jacobs, Berkshire BE Eventer with weight, digestive, feet issues; 06/09
   "Thank you for the brilliant preparations - I'm constantly telling people how wonderful they are. 
Itchy scabby tail - using the shampoo on my show horse (side saddle) it has never had a problem since.  
My little Ruby KCC Spaniel's itchy & almost bald tummy now has glowing skin & a really shiny full coat"
Click here for the story & pictures
Mrs Pauline Sheridan, Luddenden, Halifax Show Horse itching/scabs + KC Cavalier Spaniel itchy/bald tummy; 03/09
  "Your probiotics have sorted the young Alpaca's mouth foaming.... apparently the pelleted feeds can mean a gut imbalance so when they chew the cud, they foam" Click here
Mrs Hawkin, Rosecraddoc Alpacas Alpaca mouth foaming; May 2009
     "From the first bath, my Cavalier King Charles hardly ever chews his feet or groin since using Ruggle-it - I am amazed!   It makes his coat so shiny, soft & beautiful.
I used the shampoo last night on my hair/scalp & guess what, no itchy scalp today & my hair is as shiny as Louis'!"
See picture & 3 Updates Click here
Mrs Carol Brown, Leeds Dog paw & body chewing, prolonged itchy, flaky skin; sensitive digestion; 11/08
  1. "Mites & mossies - from eight rugs a summer & chunks of coat, mane & tail missing to 80% better & hardly bothering to itch anymore"
Featured in Native Pony magazine, Oct/Nov 09 issue.
2. "Touch wood his leg [minor wounds] have completely gone & no itching so far...hopefully it'll continue. Thanks for this great product."
Ms Rachel Garlick, Cheshire showing Fell pony feather mites, abrasions & summer itching
    "The Vet had not seen such a bad case of summer itching; the pony is now 100 times better; if you give Ruggle-it the time & are patient, you will certainly reap the rewards. The Cob's heels are better but not completely sorted. I didn't rate the Guinea Pig's chances of survival....but I should have tried it earlier - she was clearly happier!   Will try it on the dog & child next"
Mrs K C, Oxfordshire Extreme horse summer itching, long term heel issues, severe guinea pig under-skin mite attack
    "A brilliant natural product - it seems to help absolutely everything! It would be wrong not to spread the word."
Miss SW, Marlborough extreme dog skin irritation, equine minor cuts & bug spray
  "Teddy arrived with appalling summer skin itching & fly-related issues. We tried everything. He's out day & night now. He isn't rubbing. On another horse, within 4 days he had no more leg issues related to muddy environments." Click here
Mr J Collins, Derbyshire extreme equine itching & mutilation, mud issues (2 horses)
  "The Vet was surprised my Doberman's 2" gash it had from a German Shepherd attack wasn't infected; then he was amazed the wound was neatly knitting itself together & never needed stitches." Click here
S Withey, Avon dog-attack wounds, extreme horse leg itching
  "I am delighted that it seems to be doing the trick with Freddie's [SUMMER ITCHING] already.  The oil has [HELPED PROMOTE THE NATURAL HEALING] of some nasty bites & although he's rubbed his mane a little (mostly before we used the product), the itching seems to have subsided & he's not rubbing much at all now."
Mrs C Tyler, West Yorks mane, tail rubbing (summer itching) 07/08
  "New this year - ask your Vet about Ruggle-it for Somerset's never-ending midges, [summer itching], [fungus], hair loss & other skin [issues]."
Stables Equine Veterinary Practice Newsletter, April 08, Prestleigh, Shepton Mallet Midges, summer itching, fungus, skin issues 04/08
  "Fantastic products! Only applied oil once; as bug spray it's so effective & very cost effective... & she's not even thought about itching;   Kai & Button's faces are usually covered in ticks... now hardly any & they drop off; & it's even keeping everything off my hairy Shetland (no other fly sprays do anything for her)."
Miss T Cox, Bristol 3 x horses - severe summer itching/rubbing, biting bugs, ticks 05/08 
  "With my Vet's agreement we tried Ruggle-it on his head & the Vet's recommended product on the rest of his body. His head just about cleared up including hair re-growing & no further scabby bits but the rest remained very itchy. So the Vet suggested I continue to use the shampoo & oil all over his body. Your oil & shampoo are still the only products that really help him.  Thank you so much for a product that really works!"
Mrs AB, Newcastle-upon-Tyne for Equine Summer itching
  "Two mares with itching (one a dreadful case) - great success with the salve & your wonderful shampoo. Now sent the Vet off with your orange sheet... these secrets are too good to keep to ourselves!"
Mrs F Braund, North Devon itching horses 05/08

  "1.  Took Shar'n to her first show [ missed last year due to no mane!] & she won her Crabbet youngstock class & went Champion!  SO GLAD I read your advert!  I can now turn her out without a rug during fine weather & up to 6pm each day - couldn't do this last year!  Oil on the belly seems to really help her.
Eric can now have his rugs off at night - again I couldn't do that before.  It’s offered better help than any other fly repellent/itching cream that I’ve used."

Ms SD, Cornwall career threatening equine summer itching; repelling bugs 2007
  "Show Pony's itchy spots & scurf disappeared; coat is now really soft; I am very pleased with result in 1 week."
Mrs T Chilvers, Powys 11.2hh Show Pony itchy skin & scurf 04/08
    "I know when my horses are happy being smothered in something... when I open the bottle they're like bees to a honey pot... nudging me, asking for more.  Ruggle-it certainly helps alleviate biting midges from dawn to dusk & I can use it on myself too!"
Annabel Groom, Equestrian Editor, Western Morning News, Devon for flies, midges; 09/07
  "For the first time ever, Ruggle-it is allowing my Shire to enjoy the summer & flies. He even goes out in his field without his rug coverings! His previous owner doesn't believe I've managed to win his itching battle." Click here
Miss S Lathrope, Yorkshire extreme equine summer itching, mud issues 02/08
    "Both horses with muddy environment issues got worse - now responding really well; my cat's scabby ears are now soft [2 days]. Lice have arrived at the yard... I want to be prepared. Need more supplies!" Click here
Mrs Gill (nurse), Cornwall mud issues, cat ear scabs 02/08
    "The shampoo & oil quickly soothed the itching. It also worked on minor wounds that flies were aggravating... as soon as the oil was on the flies literally vanished! The minor wounds improved straight away.
Now Ruggle-it is plastered on the dog for her itchy (large) ears & feet... after the shampoo & oil she's quiet & still! It's a unique smell that all of us at the yard are getting addicted to!" 

Mrs Tracy Eames, Dean Riding Stables, North Devon for Open Wounds, summer itching, flies, itchy dog ears & feet 10/07
  "Ruggle-it is by far the best thing that I have tried - inside 1 week he's stopped leg stamping & foot chewing, some of the scabs have already gone & others are healing quickly. I am so pleased that I have found Ruggle-it. Going to try it for summer itching & mozzies now!"
Miss Ropert, Jersey, Channel Islands for horse leg mites, foot chewing, leg stamping 01/08

  "Ruggle-it - it's been a great success for my mare's year-round struggles (muddy environments aren't a threat now), the scar tissue AND her summer itching all better after just the first week!  Great products"
Gemma Holland, Lewes, East Sussex equine summer itching, permanent mud issues, scar tissue 10/07
  "I loved the oil & shampoo - it's cleared Honey's skin fungus really quickly & gently. And it's great at keeping flies off - she was so much more comfortable.  It's amazing stuff.  I've recommended it already to others here in France including Jenny K who's been struggling for ages with her dog's skin.' 
Ms J Smith, Adriers, FRANCE for Equine minor wounds, fungus issues, flies 11/07
"  Great for muddy environments and flies! I'd tried many treatments & spent lots of money before this."
Ms RW, 'Farm n Equine' magazine (staff), Cumbria mud issues, flies (2 ponies) 09/07
  "100% success with your oil & shampoo - no more rubbing! We'll certainly be ordering more & spreading the word."
Jane Mermod, Hampshire itching - 3 horses 08/07
  “I’ve tried it (neat & diluted) on all my horses (5) including for muddy situations, severe summer itching, hair loss, scabby skin;  two now have manes/tails growing for the 1st time in 2 years!  Itching seemed to stop from as early as day 2, visible benefits seemed to start at day 7 onwards & scabs then lifted cleanly thereafter.”
Mrs BM, Somerset Mud issues, severe summer itching, skin irritations, scabby skin 06/07

  “Enjoys having it rubbed in; he’s less itchy; the hair is re-growing; the oil seems to soothe. Will definitely keep using."
Ms JH, Avon Summer itching, Mud issues, weather-related fungus

  “Bathing in mild shampoo with this product added, helped calm the hot skin & stop the need to scratch."
Mrs TW, Somerset pet skin issues





"Ruggle-it saves me a fortune"



"These products really do what they say on the tin"



"I completely trust your products...hopefully others will consider Mother Nature & your other gentle products to help their animals"



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