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Prebiotics & Probiotics - the 'good' bacteria

Good health from the inside out - nourishing the body's "engine"

Around 70% of an animal's & 80% of a human's immune system depends on a healthy gut.  So the gut is arguably the body's 'engine'. 

A healthy gut needs a carefully balanced amount of both good and 'bad' bacteria - the ratios are important. 

This mix of bacteria is sometimes called gut microflora.  So if the ratios of good-to-'bad' bacteria are out of balance, then we're retarding the whole body's ability to self-manage itself & its issues.
Question.  If you disrupt the oil in a car's engine with, for example, water, is it any surprise the car is then spluttering & not happy?

All health challenges can disrupt the gut's natural balance of microflora.  Stress (however minimal it appears on the surface) is one of the biggest disruptors for human & animal gut health.  When disrupted, it can then play havoc with the complete immune system & ALL of its responses.

With many 21st century ways, foods & diets, husbandry & lifestyles impacting negatively on the gut's microflora, genuine well-being is increasingly hard to achieve, whether for human or animal bodies. 

Enter 'pure' probiotics for animals or multi-strain live good bacteria for humans.  'Pure' means not diluted with unnecessary fillers/bulkers/milks or known gut irritants.

For instance, the following are just a few ways in which 'pure' & intensive probiotics or multi-strain live bacteria (NOT those mixed with cereals or found insides bags of ready-made food, or with yoghurt/milk carriers) can help.

  • To help calm an over-active immune response for itching and hypersensitivities,

  • to help re-boot the immune system when struggling with seasonal issues such as muddy/wet environments,

  • for helping 'inflammatory' issues such as joints, digestion, skin

  • after antibiotics & chemicals,

  • stress (travel, bug, health or home related),

  • illness (short-term or prolonged) and

  • after worming mention just a few.

We have used 'pure' probiotics for animals and multi-strain live bacteria for humans since 1995, long before they became fashionable.  Their positive effects can be dramatic. 

'Pure' probiotics are an intensive feed supplement used in small or tiny quantities - they are not a drug.  They can be used in the following ways for all bodies:

  -  an emergency 'leg up' towards good health,
  -  for a short time to rebalance the 'good-to-bad bacteria' ratios and/or
  -  trickle fed to ensure the good bacteria are not unnecessarily threatened by the 'bad guys'.

Trickle feeding is not clever 'marketing' to lock you in!  Because prevention is always better (and cheaper) than cure, the trickle helps keeps the gut bacteria balanced & ready to launch the full capabilities of the immune system whenever required... rather than reacting weakly to the body's call for help because it's fighting off the 'bad bacteria' and doesn't really have time to 'help the body'...

But now probiotics are the "in thing" how do you know if the quality is high, or combined with irritant-ingredients and just part of someone's 'fashionable advertising'?  Well, Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd's testimonials across all our unusual product ranges will hopefully give you more peace of mind than anything we might say! 

Take Home Message. 
If you nourish the body's 'engine', the body knows how to run its complex self much better than us trying 'this & that' in a scattergun approach.  This is true for animal or human bodies of any age. 

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