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  • Protexin Bio-Kult "ADVANCED" 14 x strain  --  Human + Pet  - 14 x strains live (friendly) 'pure' bacteria

  • Protexin "MIND"  --  Human only - 1 x strain live (friendly) 'pure' bacteria + Zinc  + Grape & Blueberry - Forget Me Not for Cognitive Functions

  • Protexin Equine Quick Fix syringe (emergencies)  --  Horse, pony, donkey, camelid, farm & large animals -  'pure probiotics'  

  • Protexin Equine Gut Balancer   --  Horse, pony, donkey, camelid, farm & large animals -  'pure probiotics'  

  • Health Bundle  --  Human

  • All products - absolutely no cereals, yoghurts, garlic, molasses, unnecessary fillers  =  'pure'

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Probiotics (^approximate capacity per container using ‘maintenance’ or ‘stressed’ rates)

Capsules (easily swallowed or twisted open)
For Humans (Pets)
Bio-Kult ADVANCED - 14 x strains of live 'good' bacteria from Protexin
  • 14 x strains at 2 billion CFU/capsule
  • Suitable for Adult, Child (Pet)
  • No need to refrigerate, can be used with confidence at any time.  ^
  • Tiny capsules, but can be easily opened & put onto food
  • About Bio-Kult ADVANCED 14 strain - click
  • Testimonials - click here
Order Options
  • 4  x Box + 5th Box FREE 
    Special 69.60  Saves 17.40 & on shipping cost (5 x boxes = 300 capsules) 
    Equates to just 13.92 per box of 60.
    Important Note:  To claim this deal, you must select B4GFF at the 'add to basket' button.  This offer is only available on this B4G1FF  item.
  • 1 x Box  (60 capsules)  Manufacturer's RRP 17.40
  • 2 x Box  (120 capsules)   Special 33.81  
  • Long shelf life - c18+ months 
^ Contains traces of soya and traces of milk at a level which will not affect lactose intolerance sufferers
Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before taking any food supplement
Capsules (easily swallowed or twisted open)

For Humans
Protexin 'MIND'^  [1 x strain] - targeting human cognitive + motor function
  1. NOTE.   
    For multiple issues [gut, immune, itch, joint++], see section ABOVE for Bio-Kult ADVANCED 14 x strain
Mind - Order Options
  • 1 x Box  (60 capsules)  Manufacturer's RRP 19.94
    (up to 60 day's supply)
    R&SL Comment.  Assume it needs time for the body to recognise it so consider 2 x boxes initially
  • 2 x Box  (120 capsules)  Manufacturer's RRP 39.88   Special 38.88 Saves 1.00
  • Buy 4 Get 1 x box FREE   B4G1F   (5 x boxes = 300 capsules) 
    Special 79.76
     Saves 19.94 on RRP & on shipping cost 
    >   Important Note:  To claim this deal, you must select B4G1F at the 'add to basket' button.  This offer is only available on this B4G1F item

About Mind

  • Protexin 'Mind' - exciting results in research Trials to help inhibit, clear and protect regarding Parkinson's (Alzheimer's)...
  • Targeting human cognitive & motor function;  a useful aid for the digestive tract & immune system too.
  • Protexin 'Mind'^ - backed by clinical research;  suitable for everyday useno need to refrigerate;  long shelf life^^
  • Research trial, news, product information  - click
  • The Trial used 1 x live bacterial strain Bacillus subtilis PXN 21
  • Each Protexin 'Mind'^ capsule contains:
    >  1 x strain of Live Bacteria (Bacillus subtillis PXN21) at 1 billion CFU per capsule throughout the shelf life
    +  Zinc (2mg, 20% NRV^^^)
    +  Blueberry & Grape extracts (45mg)
Long shelf life - c18+ months
^ Contains milk & soya used in the fermentation process.  Content of milk is at a level that would not affect lactose intolerance sufferers.
^^ Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before taking any food supplement
^^^  NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
See Bio-Kult
14 strain above
Humans, Pets 
Protexin Quick Fix Syringe
Equine/Camelid/Farm Animals - when quick action is required
** whilst stocks last

For Horses, Donkeys
(+ Camelid + Farm Animals)

Protexin Quick Fix Probiotic
Highly concentrated probiotic paste in an easy to use syringe.
-  Ideal for emergencies or when you need to get the 'friendly' bacteria going quickly. 
But it's insufficient for lasting benefits - so carry on with Gut Balancer (below) to enforce any benefits.
  • Quick Fix helps maintain:   digestive function over periods of stress such as travel, illness or around worming, antibiotics, chemicals, bites, mud issues, going off food, the runs, ANY emergency.
6 day intensive course
RRP 11.81 from 1/7/22
Special 10.89
BBE 08/23
Protexin Equine Gut Balancer ('pure' Alfalfa version)
Equine + Camelid + Farm Animals

For Horses, Donkeys
(+ Camelid + Farm Animals)

Protexin Equine Gut Balancer

-  A 'pure' probiotic powder  to encourage normal digestion & efficiency for continuous use, or to help maintain a natural immunity when feeling stressed, during itching, mud/scab issues and/or illness, colic &/or laminitic-prone, around worming, chemicals or antibiotics, +++.

Guaranteed free of cereals, copper, 'bulking' fillers - only tiny quantities required for maximum effect.

-  Protexin - the probiotic pioneers within the UK - many try to emulate the 'purity', product stability once opened, strength, shelf-life, viability, tastiness, reputation...  But Protexin proudly remain the leader in 'pure' animal probiotics...  

Testimonials - click here

  • 700g, 3.5kg, 7kg Protexin Equine Gut Balancer Tub/Buckets    Sorry sold out.  Buy some - see below.  Why not in stock?  See the last bullet point...
    • Buy some  Protexin Equine Gut Balancer
      Ensure you get the 'real
      Protexin Equine Gut Balancer ' product...not something fake or trying to be similar but packed with nasties... 
      ~   To be certain, click the following (to see the packaging etc. for I.D., real colours etc,.)   
  • Why not in stock?  
    NEWS entry "summer 2021 - updated 05/22"   Sincere apologies.  R&SLtd was one of the UK's 1st to understand/sell 'pure probiotics' 15+ years ago helping owners know the 'top quality' compared to 'cleverly marketed junk'! 

See the Bio-Kult range (above) - 'pure', live bacteria
Humans, Pets 

"Ruggles On Top Form" Health Pack - each item is an 'engine food' & helps a body for multiple issues, simultaneously
"Ruggles On Top Form"

For humans
3 items per pack

Ruggles Health Pack for humans. 

Each supplement is an 'engine food' & can help a human body with multiple issues without costing you any extra for all their multi-tasking!  Each pack contains:

A.  'Pure' multi-strain (14 strain) 'live' bacteria - Protexin Bio-kult  ^
(60 capsules - enough for 20-60 days*)
B.  Organic Green Barley Grass 'superfood' Powder  ^
(250g - 90 days*)
C'Strength' Vitamin D3 (4,000IU)  ^
(100 capsules - +/- 1 year with customised R&SL guidance*)
^ For detailed information & benefits on any product, see the relevant 'in-depth' web section (e.g. good bacteria, other)
* Includes initial loading
Always consult your Doctor.

Special -  58.96


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