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Probiotics, Live Bacteria Products
 Animal -  Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer  +  Protexin Equine Premium Quick Fix
 Human -  Protexin Bio-Kult 'Mind'  +  Protexin Bio-Kult 14 strain
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Protexin Gut Balancer
(with Alfalfa)

700g, 3.5kg or 7kg

Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer (with Alfalfa) is a prebiotic & probiotic powder (just alfalfa and pre/probiotics) to encourage normal digestive function & efficiency, and to support the immune system.
Can be easily added to feed. 

Nourish the animal's 'engine' so it can support the natural immunity by itself.

Exemplary quality & pedigree...not to be confused with other 'probiotics', nor those found 'within bags of feed' (which are at insufficient quantities)

Use daily to encourage normal digestive function, optimal bacteria  balances/ratios & to ensure the level of good bacteria are constantly nourished/topped up.

A.  Use during times of:
  - stress, illness, at times of mud/wet challenges, itching,  for ageing bodies & stiffness, after antibiotics, chemicals & worming, or digestive upset.

B.  Use alongside Ruggle-it® for issues connected to:
  - summer & general itching, muddy environments, stress & attack from flies/mossies/mites, crusty lumps, fungal issues, hair loss/patchiness, hot skin, minor wounds, persistent scabs, scurfy skin, stressed animals at shearing (alpacas, sheep)

Example on 300-800kg horse: 700g lasts 70 days (2+ mths) for 'unstressed' or as maintenance, or 35 days if stressed, struggling with health issues, ill.


Protexin Equine Premium Quick Fix
(6 day intensive paste)

30ml pre-dialled syringe

Protexin Equine Premium Quick Fix is a highly concentrated prebiotic & probiotic paste flavoured with tasty peppermint for easy application.

Can help rapidly re-establish your horse's gut microflora over short periods of higher stress such as illness, travel, worming, antibiotics, competition or racing, or when your horse has a change of environment or diet including spring/seasonal grass changes.
Can also be used as an aid to maintain appetite.
Available in a handy 30ml syringe for six days use (5ml per day by mouth).



FOR Humans

Protexin 'Bio-Kult Mind'

1 strain + Zinz + Grape & Wild Blueberry extracts
1 billion CFU/capsule

60 capsules per box
Multi-Pack options


Protexin Bio-Kult 'Mind'^ capsules - targeting cognitive function & the digestive tract
  • Has achieved exciting results in early research Trials to help inhibit, clear & protect regarding Parkinson's (Alzheimer's)
  • Bio-Kult 'Mind'^ is backed by clinical research, is suitable for everyday use, needs no to refrigeration & has a long shelf life^^
Tell me more....
  • Edinburgh & Dundee Universities Trial - see the Media story from 17/01/2020 - HERE
  • Or 14/1/20 article at Daily Mail Online - HERE
  • Here's general information including ingredients, the recommended amounts to use, easy tips for better cognitive function, plus ADM Protexin's News announcement of 15/01/2020 [4 pages in total] - click HERE
  • The techie' article at covering the Trial summary and then the Trial's in-depth methodology, neuro' issues, technicalities, results (i.e. in great detail) HERE
^ Contains milk & soya used in the fermentation process.  Content of milk is at a level that would not affect lactose intolerance sufferers.
^^ Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before taking any food supplement
^^^  NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
New product at 01/2020

FOR Humans &
Under 12s (and pets)


Protexin Bio-Kult
14 strains
2 billion CFU/capsule

60 capsules per box
Multi-Pack options

Protexin Bio-Kult is a truly outstanding multi 14 strain live bacteria product. 

It contains 14 strains of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms (bacteria) all recognised for playing an important role in maintaining a healthy nervous & immune system. 

Each 14 strain capsule contains 2 billion CFU (colony forming units).

Usage examples:
 - alongside antibiotics, skin issues, upset & gassy tummies (at home/when traveling), stress & illness, lactose intolerance, bloating & flatulence, stiff joints, for the elderly, yeast imbalances, constipation, after antibiotics & if feeling 'under the weather' for whatever reason. 

It helps replenish the gut's naturally occurring good bacteria & taken regularly, will help to maintain the immune system in peak condition by helping the body manage the ratios of good-to-bad bacteria.
Protexin Bio-Kult is supplied in a 60 capsule box providing 1-2 month's adult supply. Capsules can be swallowed whole or broken onto feed (including for pets).
Also see our Omega 3 section for ageing pets & humans.



Important Note:  Any blacked out words with [bracketed] text has been amended to meet VMD/Vet Med criteria.  All text is Veterinary Medicines Directorarte (VMD) compliant.  Click here for what that means to you.


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