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  1. i]   Vitamin D3 NHS At Home Thumb-Spot-Test-Kits (know your levels quickly)
    Vitamin D3  capsules (5000 IU/125 ug/micrograms)
    Vitamin D3  no-nonsense information

  2. Health & Seasonal Pack - On Top Form pack

  3. Omega-3-rich pet biscuits/treats

  4. Organic Green Barley Grass "GBG" "Superfood"  See MEGA offer  (powder + capsules)

  5. Pillules (confirmed joint issues)

  6. Cool to be Natural

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i + ii Products


Vit D3 -  "Sunshine in a capsule"
Thumb-Spot Test Kits






iii Key Facts


5,000 IU strength
(125ug/ micrograms)



















Above image
NHS Thumb-spot Test Kit process

  •  Official NHS Finger-Prick Test KITS  

  • Vitamin D3 Finger-Prick-At-Home-Blood-Spot Test Kit

  • NHS RRP - 28.00.  Special 25.99

  • An official NHS home test kit for Vitamin D3 using dried blood spot technology
    -  A body can fail
    catastrophically when it is Vit' D3 deficient...yet 'death' is unlikely to be identified as 'from Vit' D3 deficiency'...
    -  So knowing our
    levels is important...

  • (Fast 5-day turnaround - kit, analysis & results provided by a NHS Vitamin D laboratory.  They provide a national Vit' D service for the NHS.  See more details below)   

  •  CAPSULES.  100 x Vitamin D3 (Cholecaciferol) 5000 IU/(125ug) Vegi caps

  • 20.58    100 x capsules (1 tub)    Special 19.23

  • 1 capsule daily = minimum 100 days/3.3 mths.  Tiny 4mm size. 

  • 41.16   200 x capsules (2x tubs)    Extra Saver 38.39

IU = International Units.
   |   Ingredients 

Why bother about Vitamin D (Vit' D)?  ^2

  • As many of us know, Vit' D is vital for healthy bones at all ages

  • BUT, it's also integral for every cell within the body

  • Vitamin D activates the immune system to work against rogue cells

  • It also it helps the body retain calcium for bone formation & nerve & muscle control.

  • Why 5,000 IU/(125ug)?  When we cannot get UV exposure in the correct ways or during the UV months, research indicates that at lower supplementation levels it's unlikely the body will gain sufficient benefit, especially in the 7 months of weak UV (see below).

  • Try a single tub of 5000 IU strength - you may feel intriguingly 'different'...

Did you know...

  • In the UK around 86% of adults are Vitamin D deficient in the winter & 57% in the summer.  In Scotland it's around 92% and 75%).

  • So when we're Vitamin D3 deficient and/or hidden under clothing (or animal rugs), we're affecting our joints AND full immune system capability at it's source. 
    -  We're disabling our bodies' ability to 'be well'...

  • Do you expose your full back/belly to the UK's sun (April to September) for c20 minutes per week?
    -  If not, the chances of deficiency are huge (as exposing head/arms rarely converts enough Vitamin D3 from the sun's UV rays).

UK Shocker.

  • For 6-7 months of the year (Autumn/Winter), the Great Britain's UV rays are too weak to trigger Vit' D synthesis within the body.

  • So even if you/your animal is totally naked, during these winter months the body CANNOT synthesise Vit' D from our UV/sunshine!

  • Nervous to go in the sun?
    Research demonstrates that Vitamin D deficiency is a greater issue globally than the risk of skin issues due to sunburn & over exposure.  Why?  
    Because the world has become 'paranoid' about any unprotected UV exposure on our skin (even for just 20 minutes per week!)...thus we are starving our bodies of an absolutely critical element for 'good health' (conversion of the sun's UV rays into Vitamin D). 

Great News - Beat Deficiency for FREE!

  • Research confirms the following (using a single 15-20 minute exposure session to sunshine between mid-April and September in the UK;  exposure for any 20 minute session is without suncream;  thereafter use sun protection as normal). 

    • Per session:-
      -  If you only expose your head/arms, your body cannot get enough Vit' D from the UV rays during this session. 
      But, if you can expose your torso (back and/or belly) or legs for a 20 minute session per week (mid-April to September), this can easily deliver around 20,000 IU into your body...and of course the sun is FREE!

Other points

  • Vit' D is the only vitamin you cannot get enough of from a healthy balanced diet.- it needs to be supplemented.

  • In addition to its importance for joints/bones & total immune function, if you're feeling low on energy and/or struggling to recover from illness and/or to simply 'feel healthy', taking 5,000 IU will help the body's Vit D levels.

  • We believe a key element is in the IU quantity (i.e. 5000, rather than say 1000) (see below re Bruce Hollis research)

  • Vit' D issues & rugged horses - we've long had concerns - since 2008 we've been urging awareness - see our Newsletters (Summer 2008 (#3) and Spring 2011 (#14) - click here

  • The BBC, general & medical media are now strongly raising awareness of the dangers of deficiency facing the UK population. 

  • Blood tests for 25-hydroxyvitamin D - ask your doctor for a test (due to budget constraints this service may not be available).  See below re home test kits.   

  • Serum 25 -hydroxyvitamin D levels are reported in blood tests either as nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml) or as nmoles per litre (nmol/L).

  • "Sufficient" levels in the blood are from a minimum of 20ng/ml (50nmol/L) to 32ng/ml (80nmol/L)....

A couple of interesting research articles/studies.

  • Click here (Bruce W Hollis, Medical University of South Carolina;  trial results using supplementation of
    1,000IU/25ug per day resulted with 17.5 nmol/L = classified deficient;
    5,000IU/125ug per day was 70 nmol/L (close to the 80 mentioned earlier) = classified adequate
    10,000IU/250ug per day resulted in 175 nmol/L = classified adequate.
    Full details - see P6 of the study PDF

  • Vitamin D & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Click here

Daily Servings ^2 - adults
RDA is usually measured in International Units (IU).

  • Human.  Dr Heaney suggests 5000 IU (125ug) per day 
    (Crighton University Medical Centre, Omaha, Nebraska - one of the world's leading Vit D specialists)

Feedback - Vitamin D3 Capsules:
"With your Vitamin D my 20 years of mood swings are less erratic & with no emotional withdrawals if I stop my usual products.  Hooray!"  Click here
Ms Jenkinson, Somerset


Feedback - NHS Thumb-Spot HOME Test Kit

"Out with horses 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year - surely I would not be Vit D3 deficient!  But, the pain in my knees then forced me to give up the horses

& keeps me awake at night.  Finally I did your Vit D Test Kit  - I was so

shocked when the result confirmed I was all but "severely deficient" at 18.1 nmol/L.  So I now take your Vit D3 capsules & so wish I'd done your test way back!"
Mrs GH, Somerset  01.16


[NOTE:  NHS classify 50 nmol/L as "adequate"...all results under that are varying degrees of deficiency.]


 NHS Thumb-Spot Home Test Kits  RRP - 28.00 - R&SLtd special 25.99 each

  • Packs require no appointments, delivers fast results (c5 days) & peace of mind that one of the UK's leading NHS Vitamin D laboratory's provides the complete kit, analysis & results. 

  • 100% confidential service (R&S Ltd merely sell the kits)

  • The NHS pack contains everything needed to take a blood-spot sample (from pricking 1 x  fingertip) (1 person per pack).

  • The pack includes full & clear instructions & is CE marked.

  • No extra costs - packs include a UK reply- paid envelope - when you've 2 minutes to do it, you just pop your completed kit in the envelope & in days you'll have the results.

  • Results provided in simple to understand 'traffic light' format direct to you from the NHS laboratory (100% confidential) - see here for PDF for format

^1 ** Contains NO milk, soy, yeast, wheat, gluten, sodium, salt, sugar, starch, fat, cholesterol, oil, emulsifier, wax, binder, filler, excipients, lubricant, coating, diluents, flowing agent, common allergen, colour, flavour, sweetener, or preservatives.  Ingredients
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  The information provided is for informational purposes only & is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor, vet or other health care professional.  Always consult your healthcare professional.




"Ruggles On Top Form"

3 items per pack


[Packaging images
may vary]

Health bundle for humans. ^  


  •  Each food supplement within a bundle can offer multiple benefits to a body, yet cost you nothing extra for all their multi-tasking! 
  •  How? 
  •  Because they are 'engine foods'.  If we give the body the right fundamental fuel (nourishment), the internal 'computer' then manages the body more expertly than if we try to work it all out manually. 

  •  No time to struggle?  Help the body better manage the challenges and excesses whatever the time of year.

(i).  Ruggles On Top Form  - 59.56  -  saver 57.96
(3 items per pack)

A.  'Pure' multi-strain 'live bacteria' capsules (14 strains per capsule) - Protexin Bio-kult  ^
(60 capsules - enough for 20-60 days*)

BGreen Barley Grass 'superfood'  ^

(200 capsules - 90 days*)

CVitamin D3 (5000IU)  ^
(100 capsules - 70 days*)

^ For detailed information & benefits on any product, see the relevant 'in-depth' web section (e.g. probiotics, joints, skin, or see further down this page)
* Includes initial loading
Always consult your Doctor




Dog, Cat, Ferrets, Pets
Omega 3-rich Pet (dog, cat, ferret) Treats &/or Mixer Biscuits.
  Food that's genuinely "body beneficial"
+ helps overcome OM3 deficiencies in modern diets as many modern pet foods have too much OM6
offers multiple health benefits at no extra cost.

600g bags

Click Here

...and then scroll down
OM3 Pet Treats/Biscuits section




Green Barley Grass (GBG)


[Packaging images
may vary]


Organic Green Barley Grass

Suitable for humans, horses, dogs.

•  200 GBG Capsules - 22.00   Special 20.29
(approx' 50-75 days for humans)
•  250g GBG Powder - 22.99   Special 21.50
(approx 2-3 mths humans, c6-10 mths dogs)
•  500g GBG Powder - 40.00   Saver
(approx 5-9 months' supply for humans/dogs or c2 months for horses) 

Ideal for stiff joints, mineral issues, digestive challenges, lack of energy, lactic acid build-up (post strenuous exercise), troubled heart health, skin, hair & nail issues, internal cleansing, reduced immune strength, general well-being.  ^2

Green Barley Grass (GBG) is one of Nature's most nutritionally complete & absorbable foods ("super food") - packed with a huge array of minerals & vitamins that are frequently lacking in 'modern' diets.  
Yet it's 100% gluten free.
It's organically grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soils of New Zealand's South Island, which is important if the leaf shoots are to maximise their nutritional potential.
Nothing else added - just pure Organic Green Barley Grass.
  • GBG appears to act as a metabolic 'paddle wheel' - helping provide a more efficient mode of nutrient transportation & 'availability' of whatever a body is already eating and/or taking.
  • A powerful yet natural 'cleanser', body-balancer & pH optimiser (key for internal irritations which are often connected to overly acidic guts).
  • Suitable for humans & dogs (horses & cattle).
  • 100% gluten & dairy free;  very low in calories.
  • Rich in Chlorophyll (thus a vibrant green) & smelling of 'freshly cut grass'. 
  • Just mix the powder with water, rich-tasting cordials (or fruit juices),  within smoothies, yoghurt, sprinkle onto salads or on ready-to-eat (cooked) food.  For dogs, just mix with food.
  • Or go for the capsules!
"From a very ill Border Terrier to never being so well, Tippy has your GBG (+ Ruggle-it &
Protexin Bio-Kult)
.  We've never had such efficient & warmly friendly service anywhere!"
Mrs S Wood & Mr J Benton, Stowmarket   09.14
"I started taking GBG due to lack of energy & recurring internal infections despite having a good diet.  Since being on it I'm infection-free & my overall wellbeing is
just so much better"

Mrs S Wells, Dumfries
"Sore legs the morning after a hard cyclosportive [competition cycling] were banished following taking GBG for just 1 month.  Ask Lance!  As good as XXX [performance-affecting product] - but it's natural & legal!  I feel it's detoxing my body, giving it a great feeling of wellbeing"
Mr GR, London
"Took for lack of energy, digestive issues, heartburn, struggling immune system, hair loss, headaches & a low-grade but serious health issue.  Since GBG the headaches aren't so bad, immunity better (not had a cold since started it!), still have digestive issues but a bit better.
Will I continue with GBG?  YES!"

Ms H Wootton, Clitheroe, Lancs
"I've never seen Pocket so lively." [Russell Terrier - post injury]
Tom Owen, Taunton, (Dog-walker)




Pillules - for Joint issues ^2
•  Suitable for ALL animals & humans with confirmed joint issues (not just muscle and/or ligament issues)
•  Tiny Lactose pillules
•  Easily dissolve on tongue or inside lip
  Testimonials - click here
•  Like all our joint products, they can be very fast acting
Other Joint Products
•  See OM3 shop - click Here

c 3 month supply


Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd
Large Size Long-handled R&SLtd "Mother Nature" Bag

•  Long shoulder bag - 100% natural cotton, very strong, carries masses.  Actual bag size 12"x15" plus long on-the-shoulder handles.
•  Fully compostable when you no longer need it becoming food for worms so it's wonderfully kind to the environment at all levels. 
•  Carries lots of items &/or weight. 
•  It's cool to be natural.  Bag's strapline - "Products & ideas utilising Mother Nature's wisdom"
•  Ideal for shopping, replacement handbag, gardening tools, safe-keeping of all supplements when travelling, baby items travel carrier +++
•  Just 1.75.  Superbly useful, distinctive, strong, natural.


^2.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  The information provided is for informational purposes only & is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor, vet or other health care professional.  Always consult your healthcare professional.

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