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Newsletter #3


May/June 2008 - 'Summer'





Welcome to the next Newsletter....there's lots of news and ideas for 'whole health'!


What's in this issue?

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1Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) Compliancy

The VMD is a Government office that monitors the marketing of non-medicinal veterinary products....for instance ones which are herb or vegetable based.  


We are in the very final stages of ensuring we comply so for those who have ordered recently, you'll have seen subtle differences in the wording on our leaflets.


Where words are used in some of the glorious testimonials (or even in articles) that would conflict with compliancy, you'll either see blocked out areas or text within [] that mean this office has inserted 'compliant' text.


As long as the products 'do what they say on the tin', we hope our most powerful way of promoting Mother Nature's gentle products will be by your word of mouth referrals.  So if you like Stop-it-All , please do tell your friends, Vets and fellow animal owners about it.  And don't forget to remind them to mention you when they call, so we can Thank You through our Rewards Points program.....as Brucie says, "what do points make?"......"Prizes".....aka free Stop-it-All products!

2.  Diluted oil spray - clever client ideas & cost savings!

A key way to keep bugs from landing on our horses, donkeys, sheep, cows, alpacas, guinea pigs, rabbits etc,. is to use the diluted oil as an all-over spray/wipe on...creating an 'aroma bubble' into which the bugs don't want to fly or land.  Just because it's diluted, please don't assume that it's 'less powerful'......the Trial clearly showed us this wasn't the case!  


Thanks to a couple of clever client feedbacks (one with nervous T/B foals), if your animals won't tolerate sprays, then pour the diluted oil mix into say an old Global Herbs tub (with a wide opening and a re-sealable lid).  Shake the container (lid on!!), then dunk a body brush in the mixture and brush it into the coat.  For the low-hair areas just use a rag or sponge.  Not only is it incredibly effective at getting the mix 'impregnated' into the hair but your animals will enjoy the mini-grooming session too....which is great for bonding if they're a little jumpy.  For areas of broken skin, apply neat oil before you use the diluted mix to soothe and repel simultaneously - but don't use the brush on these areas.


If you're not frugal on the first three days (momentum) and really get it all over and into the coat including the key udder/sheath/belly area, thereafter, you may find using it every other day works a treat....which is great on the pocket.  But, obviously each animal is different so please observe and adapt.  Also, always let them smell our products before use....as we have many feedbacks that once the animals know/feel that it's helping them, they visibly relax when they smell it next time.


Talking of saving money, another client said I should highlight the value for money of the diluted mix compared to the cost of an 'average' 500ml product on the shelf:

  • 250ml oil makes 1.25Litres of diluted spray

  • 500ml = 2.5L

  • 1L = 5L

  • 5L = 25 Litres.

During the Trial, dabbing neat oil on the top/bottom lines along with the all-over 'spray' could last c20 hours on a single thorough application;  if you follow our suggestion of 'momentum' for the first few days and then move to 'interval application' (only when/if your animal shows it can cope with this), feedbacks indicate it may then deter bugs from landing for 2-5 days!  By using the neat oil 'dabbed' and the diluted all over, even if it rains the oil won't wash off!  As one client said, she can now go away for the weekend knowing that her itchy pony has the 'Aroma bubble' around it...quality of life for everyone!

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3Itchiness - connections with Carrots, Apples, Parsnips & Garlic

Recent research and scientific opinion indicates that itchiness may be exacerbated by certain 'treats' or feeds.  In the February 2008 newsletter I mentioned Molasses etc., so this is also worth considering.


  • Did you know that garlic may actually make an animal 'more tasty' to bugs?  Some key companies are now questioning its use for itchy animals.

  • Feeding carrots, apples and parsnips may make animals more attractive to midges....so don't replace them with treats full of preservatives and flavourings (as then it's not natural!), but rather swede or turnips.  Feedback also indicates that horses like to play with them (like footballs!)....which may be a useful diversion from habit scratching.  If you have a word with your local farmer, they may be delighted to help out....and it's nice to support your local community too.

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4Rugs & Natural Sunlight - Vitamin D & Immune Systems

Bug rugs can & will no doubt remain an important element for many horses and donkeys who suffer from bites, itching and its associated mental trauma.  However, I am very concerned that some rug companies are virtually 'terrorising' users into NEVER taking them off.... recently I have had quite a few concerned owners quote word for word what the rug documents say......


In the human scientific world there is now much evidence indicating that completely covering up from natural sunlight can be very detrimental for humans with skin issues....especially for children.  Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods but when ultraviolet rays from natural sunlight strike the skin, it triggers vitamin D synthesis both in humans and animals.  A vitamin D deficiency can then lead to serious consequences including reducing calcium absorption in the gut......so bone strength can become a concern, as well as impacting on the immune system.

There is a very interesting research paper available free at www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/332/7541/584 (2006) of a Trial conducted here in the UK.  The sections most of interest to me were "UV Phototherapy;  UVB versus UVA" and "Do Probiotics Help".

From the numerous research papers and Trials I've viewed, I feel that keeping our animals away from all natural sunlight WILL impact on their overall health.  We always need to be realistic so I would never say don't use the rug.  But with Stop-it-All , some owners find they can leave the rug in the tackroom, whilst others are able to give their animals small windows of time (fully sprayed up first of course!) where they're naked and utilising the natural light for the animal's 'whole health'.  Being naked also allows them to roll without being constrained, to remain cooler than when covered, and when with others, to play their important role in mutual grooming.  Many clients tell me there is an undeniable improvement in the animal's 'happiness/joy' when they are out without rugs...even if they're still getting a few bites!

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5New Products + Additional Uses

  • 2 Litres of oil - 66.00

  • 4.54 Litre shampoo - 110.00.  

Because our genuinely pioneering shampoo is so gentle, not only will your large and small animals love it but you can take it in the house as a low-lather soothing and moisturising replacement for liquid soap, shower wash or even for adding to the bath.  Just always shake the bottle first and away you go.


IDEA:  If time is tight and you'd rather send your order electronically, then e-mail us and we'll send you back the Word order form which you can complete, save and e-mail back to us at any time of the day or night!  You'll then have it ready for the next time you need to order and you'll only have to change the products' lines and ensure the 3-digit security code is included...quick & easy, 24/7!

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6Paint brushes and neat oil

An owner of an Alpaca stud was struggling to get the oil through the thick 'fleece' for a pretty nasty mite-related issue.  She said that dunking a new 1/2 inch paint brush in the neat oil meant she could get the oil into areas her hands couldn't.  I've had another client concur....but she's using this method for a heavy feathered cob.  Brilliant!


The only caution I'd offer is that if any skin is broken, I wouldn't recommend this method...as brushes can be pretty spiky on tender areas!  As ever, if we put ourselves in the animal's position, if we'd like something then they might too....so where there's any doubt, gentleness should rule!

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7CSJ Pet Feeds....connections to itching, paw chewing ++  Special Discounts!

In the February Newsletter (and on the web) I've mentioned about horse feeds and some ingredients which concern me.  Sadly it appears that more and more pet owners are also struggling with animal discomfort....constant scratching, ear issues, runny eyes, chewing feet etc,.  Whilst topical applications can be soothing, if the underlying issue might be connected to feed ingredients, then Stop-it-All  can only ever offer partial hope.  As ever, I've done quite a bit of research into pet feeds and to say some of the words used are 'interesting' is an understatement.  How can a product be described as natural if it contains chemical flavourings...not even the real flavour!?  Or am I being incredibly dense.....???!


So who do I like?  When I came across a product that was highly recommended to me via a network of high performance dog competitors and breeders, that contained carefully researched ingredients, and offered a helpdesk that refused to take my money because they felt they couldn't better what I was feeding my 'hypothetical dog', it piqued my interest!  


As with Simple System feeds for horses, I feel CSJ Feeds for pets stands out a mile.  It's founder is Ceri Rundle, an international sheepdog triallist and also the first lady to enter the TV program "One Man & His Dog".  Like us she is driven by animal 'whole health'....not just selling her products.  Client feedback has been outstanding;  my notoriously fussy and internally-sensitive Jack Russell adores it.  She doesn't sell to the trade;  she doesn't advertise;  she only sells direct or through a nationwide network of professional pet owners/breeders....thus her prices are, in my opinion, superb value.


Ceri has very kindly suggested our clients call or e-mail her for personalised guidance so you only buy what will suit your animal best...although she might say she can't better what you're doing already....how refreshing being told not to spend your money!  And don't forget to mention Stop-it-All to claim your discount!  www.csjk9.com and 01745 710470

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8Your Testimonials & Editorials

Wow....there are some corking new feedbacks and Tried & Tested magazine articles/reports on the web!  We THANK YOU VERY much for taking the time in very busy lives to kindly write in and share your feedback.  So many new clients quote specific lines from the web 'feedbacks' section saying that it gives them 'peace of mind' that they're not wasting their time in considering Mother Nature to help their or their animals' issues. 


The sheer volume of feedback we receive also helps those with traditional views question if there really is only one way.  As one Vet said recently "My goal is to help animals....and if that means I need to keep an open mind and listen to what my clients are saying about 'other' products, then I must make time to listen...although I'm naturally sceptical.  But if I regularly hear that something is helping, then far be it from me to stick my head in the sand as though my training had given me all the answers.  We owe it to our animals to move with the times and remain open-minded...(and skeptical!)"  


THANK YOU for spreading the word for Mother Nature and Stop-it-All.....may many more animals and owners experience Her gifts.  Please see the Testimonials and Editorials sections on www.karenruggles.co.uk for some fabulous recent comments.

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9Deterring Plant Bugs

Using our oil can act as a natural pest control yet be toxic.  It also bio-degrades so its kind on our drains and can actually increase earthworm counts.  Apart from spraying it onto plants to deter aphids etc,. (the Application Notes have the dilution ratios...which are different to the animal spray ratios), watering the ground immediately under and around the plants can allow the plants to absorb the mix and deter pests from the inside-out.  We've also had some feedback that the neat and diluted oil under the plants can make snails move on!

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10YOUR feedback matters

We're really keen to hear about your experiences with Stop-it-All  (photos very welcome). so please do write in or e-mail us.   And any time you feel like sending us an update, please know we're genuinely interested in your stories and photos.  


The same goes for any ideas you'd like to suggest....so we look forward to hearing from you.


Cheerio for now and thank you for being part of Mother Nature's 'path to good health'.  And if you tell your friends, colleagues & Vets about us, don't forget to make sure they mention your name...so you'll be earning Reward Points while you sleep!

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